6 Tips For Perfect Springtime Skin

Spring is here, and that is a reason to celebrate! But while you are ready for sandals and sunglasses, your skin may still be feeling the pain of a long winter. Help your dry, neglected skin glow with these springtime tips: 1. Skin Care Products Just as you transition your wardrobe from season to season, […]

  • Posted on: Apr 26 2017
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Too Young For Botox?

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, medical practices and med-spas saw more than a 60% increase in Botox patients under the age of 30 in 2015.  Is this increase in demand a good thing. Is it safe? How young is too young for Botox?  Are there benefits to beginning Botox […]

  • Posted on: Mar 13 2017
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Expert Tips on Mastering Your Skin Care Routine

Having a good skin care routine is vital to healthy, glowing skin that will appear healthy and youthful no matter your age. It is possible to have beautiful skin if you follow a simple beauty routine every day. 1. Know Your Skin Type Is your skin sensitive? Oily? Dry? Knowing your skin type is the […]

  • Posted on: Mar 3 2017
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Winter Skin Detox & Renew: DIY Natural Ideas for Parched Skin

Inside Out? You’ve probably heard the old adage that the skin is the body’s largest organ? It’s true, and the average person’s skin could cover up to 21 feet if stretched out!  Your skin health can also be a tell-tale sign of overall wellness.  The winter months in Colorado are especially harsh and drying significantly […]

What is Sclerotherapy? Who Gets Spider Veins? What is IPL?

What is Sclerotherapy? Sclerotherapy is a procedure that is being used widely in the field of cosmetic medicine to minimize varicose veins and spider veins for our patients. It involves a series of injections administered directly onto the affected areas that will eventually cause these unusually prominent veins to fade. ·         Sclerotherapy involves the injection […]

80% of Men and 40% of Women are Affected by Hair Loss.

A startling 80% of men and 40% of women are affected by hair loss each year, that number sharply increases after age 50. While most hair loss is caused by genetics, other external factors such as depression, stress, hormones, poor diet may also play a role. Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to […]

2 Easy Ways to treat Brown Spots, Sun Spots & Melasma

What is Hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is any patch of skin that is darker than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening effect  is a common condition occurring when an excess of melanin forms deposits in the skin. You will most likely see these patches or age spots on areas of the skin that receive the most sun […]

The Truth About Acne

  The Truth About Acne Why some people get acne and others don’t may always be a mystery. A lot of factors play into why people may be prone: hereditary, hormones and stress all may be factors. Acne most commonly starts during puberty, when hormones levels start to change in the body. Oil production increases […]

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