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If you’re looking for beautiful skin, you are likely familiar with facials and other beautifying treatments. But, facials can only do so much. Keep reading to learn about IPL treatments and what they can do for your skin.

What is IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light treatments use a technology that converts light into heat energy. Treatments can be likened to a very powerful camera flash lamp on your skin. The light waves can be adjusted, depending on your concerns. IPL treatments can target color pigments (like the melanin in brown spots and freckles) and even hemoglobin in broken or diffused blood vessels. The light waves can also be used to target specific protein molecules in acne bacteria and in collagen. IPL treats all of these conditions without disruption to the skin’s surface, which means you don’t have downtime to worry about.

What does IPL treat?

IPL can target many different skin issues like skin tone concerns, hyperpigmentation or pigmentation issues, vascular lesions, and even acne.
Intense Pulsed Light is absorbed by color particles which are present in blood and in melanin. IPL also help fight acne by treating the bacteria that causes acne. If you’re interested in IPL treatments for pigmentation, large pores, scarring, or vascular lesions, understand that they may take time to disappear. IPL does not work on the surface like a chemical peel or laser treatment. The targeted concerns may take time to diminish, as they are absorbed or shed by the body naturally.
Collagen production increases as a result of IPL treatments, and this is why it’s one of the most popular treatments on the market today.

How many treatments will I need for IPL?

It’s hard to predict the number of sessions required since it will depend on your concerns and your specific recovery rate. Some people may get better results by having maintenance treatments every once in a while, but we will usually recommend at least a few treatments evenly spaced out at the beginning of your IPL journey. We can give you more information during your consultation.

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