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Botox is one of the most popular treatments in the beauty world, and we completely understand why it is so in-demand. It needs no surgery, requires no downtime, and takes very little time before your results arrive. It’s effective at what it is designed to do. Wrinkles are removed in a quick appointment, and are banished for months.

But, we bet there’s more about Botox that you didn’t know. Keep reading for some of the other benefits of Botox you weren’t aware of.


There are other treatments and procedures out that are hard to customize, but not Botox. Botox is a treatment that can be tailored to your needs and specific desires. If you have just one spot where wrinkles bother you, you can choose to  have only that area treated.


Studies are being conducted now that explore how Botox can help you fight off feelings of depression. That’s right: using Botox to prevent you from frowning may actually make you feel less sad emotionally. The idea behind this idea goes back to the facial feedback hypothesis. The facial feedback hypothesis is summarized like this: the muscles in our face can actually influence how we feel. You may remember putting a pencil in your mouth sometime in your school days, and holding it either by using your lips or your teeth, and reporting your emotions in the moment. Most people feel more negative when they hold a pencil with their lips, rather than their teeth, and the idea behind it is because they’re frowning, their brain thinks they’re already sad.

So we frown, we feel worse, and then we keep frowning, creating a negative cycle. Strangely, if you feel better after your Botox treatment, there could be a scientific reason why.

Muscle Spasms

Did you know that Botox was created originally to treat muscle twitches? When it was used in the face for eye twitches, the cosmetic benefits became quite obvious! And now, Botox is one of the most popular wrinkle treatments in the world. If you do suffer from muscle spasms, Botox can help with that, too.


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