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Asarch Center in the Media-Dermatology in Denver

Dr. Asarch, head of the Asarch Center for Dermatology, Laser & Mohs Surgery and DERMAspa Medical Spa, is often featured in the media discussing Dermatology in Denver. Below are some of our recently featured articles, videos and news segments.

November 2016

Outfront Magazine – Nov. 2016: “Ageism Is A Woman’s Thing? Oh, Please. What Men Can Do To Slow Down Aging
Interview with Dr. Richard Asarch


Click Here to Read Article in PDF Format

July 2015

4th of July edition of 850 KOA Colorado Morning News Show with Steffan Tubbs and April Zesbaugh

Dr. Richard Asarch talks about melanoma and skin cancer due to sun exposure and the preventative steps you can take to lessen the likelihood of having skin cancer.

Radio interview on 850 KOA Colorado Morning News Show with Steffan Tubbs and April Zesbaugh

Listen to Dr. Asarch’s advice on sun protection.

May 2015

Denver Post Article about Dr. Richard Asarch

Dermatologist Richard Asarch is the recipient of the Melanoma Research Foundation’s Humanitarian Award, given in appreciation for his commitment to the prevention, early detection and treatment of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer….

Read More: Davidson: Dermatologist Richard Asarch honored by Melanoma Research Foundation

Intermountain Jewish News

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.24.01 PMWe are now at a point where one in 50 Americans will develop melanoma in their lifetime. So if you look around, six or seven of you will probably develop a melanoma.

We have made progress, since..

Read More: I would like to tell you how to grow a melanoma by Dr. Richard Asarch


June 2014:

Thanks to all of you who purchased DERMAspaRX products during June, we were able to raise and give money to Camp Discovery! Here is the letter from the American Academy of Dermatology.

“Dr. Asarch – 

Thank you so much for hosting an event at your office to raise money for Camp Discovery. So many smiles are made possible by Camp Discovery and your generosity!” 

Valerie Thompson- Senior Manager, Annual Giving,Community, Corporate and Philanthropic Relations-American Academy of Dermatology

Dr. Asarch was also quoted in the Summer issue of Aspire Magazine. Summer Issue Aspire Magazine

Excerpt- Camp Discovery also plays a role in giving by Denver’s Richard Asarch, MD. Dr. Asarch was inspired to donate after reading about the camp. “I was really impressed with what the Academy was able to do to enable these kids to enjoy things that the rest of us take for granted.” Dr. Asarch began making tribute donations to the camp in honor of other doctors. “In private practice, it’s common to show your appreciation to physicians who refer you patients with small thank you gifts around the holidays,” Dr. Asarch explains. “Rather than giving fruit or candy, I thought people would appreciate knowing that the money went to a worthy cause.” Dr. Asarch finds that tribute donations to Camp Discovery also help to spread the word about the good work that dermatologists are doing. “It goes around in a circle: The donations help the children; the physicians get the satisfaction of helping a worthwhile cause; and dermatologists get to spread the word about this wonderful program we provide.”

Make a donation

9news-5280 Health Issue

9News DermaSpaRx

Dr. Asarch’s books and DERMAspaRx Skin Care Product Line was featured on 9news in their coverage of 5280 Health Issue. February 2014.

Watch Here


KDVR-Sitting Pretty Article 5280

DermaSpaRx Product Line



KDVR featured the DERMAspaRx Skin Care Line in their coverage of 5280 Magazines’s Sitting Pretty Article February 2014.  

Watch Here


Sitting Pretty 5280

Asarch Center in 5280 Magazine



This February 2014, in an article by Julie Dugdale titled Sitting Pretty, Dr. Asarch was asked about the four spheres of caring for your skin.  Dr. Asarch discussed dermatology in Denver as well as the DERMAspaRx Skin Care Line and The Beautiful Skin Diet Book, which he authored.

Read More

Vanquish in Colorado Expressions Magazine

Vanquish Fat Removal in Denver



Vanquish Fat Removal at Asarch Center for Dermatology and Laser in Denver was recently featured in Colorado Expressions Magazine.

Read More


Cosmo – Embarrassing Beauty Questions Answered



Chances are, your dark underarms aren’t caused by hyperpigmentation but result from a persistant buildup of dry skin, says Colorado dermatologist Richard Asarch, director of the Asarch Center for Dermatology and Laser.

Read More


Always New You-Reduce Stretch Marks Using Laser Technology

Always_New_You_Stretch_Marks“I actually mourned my belly after my first baby was born. It was easily one of the best features of my twenty-something body. After the birth of my first son, it resembled that of a stretch mark massacre. Long gone are the days of the itty bitty bikini.

If you have had a similar experience and continue, like me, to hide beneath your swimsuit cover-up, I can provide you with some hope! There are many treatments available today to help reduce stretch marks. Learn how dermatologist, Dr. Asarch, recommends treating your stretch marks… and in time for SUMMER!”
Dr. Asarch of the Asarch Center for Dermatology and Laser in Denver, CO suggests a new laser treatment called Fractional Skin Resurfacing….

Read More


Self – The Beauty Diet
article-selfGo fish for fewer wrinkles

What to eat Wild salmon, sardines, Atlantic mackerel and herring

The beauty of them These swimmers are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which help decrease inflammation…producing a healthy glow, says Richard Asarch, M.D.

Read More


303 Magazine – Old Idea-New Craze: What is a BB Cream?

article-303magDenver Dermatologist, Dr. Richard Asarch, M.D. warns, “be educated about ingredients when choosing your skin care products. BB creams are being marketed as miracle products by companies that want to sell them to you. Dermatologists have been recommending products that address aging skin, hydrate and protect with SPF for several decades.”

Read More


Beauty In Forum-Prevent Dry, Cracked Hands This Year

beauty-inforum-logoFor many of us, winter is the toughest time of year on our hands. Humidity is low and outdoor temperatures are cold. Inside, the air can be even more arid, with indoor heating circulating in our homes and offices. These environmental conditions, along with an increased need to wash hands frequently to avoid getting sick, sap the natural oils your skin needs to stay soft and healthy. Instead our hands become dehydrated and may crack, peel, bleed, and become painful…

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5280 – Our Top 5 Skin Tips for Summer

article-5280The seasons are changing and the long, picturesque days of our Colorado Summer are calling you to adventure outdoors. This shifting weather and increase in sun exposure during this time has an effect on your skin and is a good time to alter your skin care routine.

From use-at-home products to full spa services, our top 5 skin care tips from Denver Dermatologist, Dr. Richard Asarch, MD, are essential when caring for your summer skin.

  1. Sun Protection
  2. After the Sun
  3. Moisturize
  4. Start Fresh
  5. Add Antioxidants

Check out 5280′s July 2012 issue for more info


Colorado Expression – Face Time

article-coloradoexpressionWe all know the dry Denver climate can wreck havoc on our skin. We also know the basics to try and prevent this from happening – drink lots of water, get eight hours of sleep and wear sunscreen. Good skin is not just a matter of beauty, but of health. But when the basics aren’t enough, it may be time to turn to an expert. Dr. Asarch of The Asarch Center for Dermatology, Laser and SKin Rejuvination helps men and women of Denver achieve health and beauty with his holistic approach to skin treatments and innovative procedures.

Download the full article


Girls Gone Sporty – Articles

article-girlsgonesportyDr. Asarch is a regular contributor at Girls Gone Sporty, spreading his wisdom regarding better skin for those with active, sporty lifestyles.

Check out his articles here


She Knows – Skin Cancer Checks for Kids

article-sheknowsDr. Richard Asarch, a board certified Denver dermatologist, also reminds parents that sunscreen needs to be applied daily and not just on sunny days. “Even on a cloudy day, up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays can pass through the clouds. Apply an SPF of at least 30 15-20 minutes before sun exposure to allow a protective film to develop.” Asarch continues, “Re-apply every two hours or after excessive sweating or swimming. Use enough sunscreen to generously coat all exposed skin.”


Everyday Fox News – Medical Monday: Excessive sweating

article-everydayfoxDr. Asarch shares the high success rate of a new procedure for excessive sweating in a video for Fox 31.

See Full Video


Cover 2 Cover – Look Within When Making Over Your Skin
article-cover2cover“Nutrition is important for maintaining normal and optimal skin functions and to prevent inflammation, photo-aging and other skin disorders. The effect of adequate amounts of nutrients in our diet for optimal skin health, appearance, and function is widely accepted.” – says Dr. Richard Asarch, M.D.
See the April 2012 issue for more info.


eHealth Radio Network – Types of skin cancers that are treatable with the Mohs Surgery

article-ehealthHost Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Richard Asarch discuss the following:

  • What is Mohs Micrographic Surgery?
  • What types of skin cancers are treatable with the Mohs Surgery?
  • What can a patient expect on the day of surgery?
  • How effective is the Mohs Surgery?
  • How often should one be seeking checkups to prevent skin cancer?
  • What age group is at more risk for skin cancer?
  • What should a patient look for when choosing a Doctor to perform Mohs?

Read More and Listen to the Podcast


Jewish Exponent – The Great Pumpkin

article-jewishexponenetColorado-based dermatologist Dr. Richard Asarch and Nebraska dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger…freely handed out generous handfuls of sweet facts about the pumpkin during our search for tricks and treatments: Pumpkin contains vitamins A and C, Omega-3, antioxidants and minerals to nourish the body and help build tissue.


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