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  • Posted on: May 30 2019
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If you’ve never had a facial and are thinking of giving it a try–either to prepare for a wedding, treat your skin to some pampering, or simply to enjoy some relaxation time–keep reading to learn about facials and what to expect during your first facial.

What should I expect?

Before your treatment begins, your facialist will ask you about your skin and if you have any concerns that may affect your skin’s health or beauty. Specific skin concerns like wrinkles or acne can be treated and targeted with well-chosen products and techniques. A facial generally consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, steam (with towels or a steam machine), massage, and a treatment mask. Often, you can add on additional services like a scalp massage.

How should I prepare?

First and foremost, come prepared to relax and let your skin get some TLC. If you have very long hair, you may want to bring a hair tie or scrunchie to tie your hair back with. Some clients choose to remove their makeup beforehand, especially if they have a favorite cleanser. But, generally, we can assist with both of those.

Will it hurt?

You shouldn’t ever feel pain during a facial. We love facials so much because they’re relaxing and rejuvenating. Your provider will ask if you would like extractions, which may be a little less relaxing than the rest of your treatment. Generally, there is no discomfort and you’ll be looking forward to your next facial the moment you leave!

How often should I get a facial?

We recommend that people generally receive a facial about once a month to keep their skin healthy and clear of pore-clogging pollutants. You can choose to have a facial as often as you would like, generally speaking. Please let us know if you’ve had other treatments like chemical peels or laser treatments that may affect the delicate surface of the skin. Let us know what you’ve had and we can help you time your facial perfectly.

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