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Just as you have learned to eat healthy and to exercise to keep your body fit, it is important to give your skin the same kind of constant care and nutrition in a safe, medically supervised, and scientifically-based facility. In the medical world-that’s called a medical spa. At a medical spa both aesthetic and medical staff are present and cosmetic and medical treatments are offered within the center. Medical Spas offer a range of treatments, formerly offered only in your dermatologist’s office, in a relaxing and serene environment. Patients are cared for before, during and after procedures. Though still offering a soothing environment and luxuriant treatments, a medical spa focuses on total skin health and wellness.

The Asarch DERMAspa is one of the original medical spas to open in Colorado, featuring medical programs and treatments under the strict supervision of a dermatologist. 

“Our goal at the DERMAspa is to educate our patients about effective modalities of skin care and provide the newest and most effective technologies and means of treating, preventing and repairing unwanted changes in the skin.”- Dr. Richard Asarch, head of DERMAspa.

Medical spas utilize lasers and intense pulsed light technology as well as medical micro-dermabrasions, photo-facials, peels and other medically based cosmetic procedures. These new non-invasive, anti-aging procedures allow cosmetic improvement without surgery. The results are more natural, less extreme and require less recuperation and recovery time than surgery does.

As our knowledge about skin grows, how our skin heals, and how damage and aging occur becomes more definitive-so do the possibilities to correct unwanted changes. Medical advancements, particularly in this decade, mean that would be patients can choose between dozens upon dozens of non-invasive treatments. The likelihood of patients committing to a non-invasive treatment vs. surgical is readily proven in research of the numbers.

The DERMAspa was created in order to provide this type of care in a safe, supervised, medical environment. The procedures we perform at the DERMAspa and the skin care products we use and retail are approved by the medical staff and carry scientific documentation regarding their effectiveness in improving the health of your skin. The DERMAspa staff train under Dr. Richard Asarch’s supervision and all team members are required to have a working knowledge of all spa procedures as well as medical procedures performed by the doctors. If more advanced procedures are required than what we offer at the DERMAspa, the physicians or providers of the Asarch Dermatology, Laser and Mohs Surgery can perform these procedures.

Schedule your appointment or consultation with us at DERMAspa by calling 303-761-7797.

Be wary of Spas who call themselves Medical Spas, without any medical backing. 

Due to the emergence of the medical spa, many facilities feel pressured to market themselves as medical offices.  Many facilities deliver on the spa piece, but lack the appropriate training and supervision to safely deliver on the medical front. Clients get a false sense of security which can lead to dangerous complications.


Make sure the Doctor is in. Though a doctor is not required to perform all the procedures in a medical spa, he or she should always be present in the clinic. He or she should also take your medical history and create the appropriate treatment plan for you. A physician’s assistant can also obtain your history, but a doctor must review it.

Know who is performing your treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember that this is a medical facility and you are a patient. Who will perform the procedure and what is his or her licensing status? Is a physician performing the treatment? If so, ask about his or her qualifications. Is the doctor a specialist in these procedures? Is he or she board certified in an appropriate specialty? If a registered nurse or physician assistant will be doing the procedure, what are his or her qualifications? Where is the doctor who is supervising them? (Although the physician does not have to be onsite, he or she must be immediately reachable.)

Know the risks: All procedures carry risks and medical practitioners will fully disclose them due to their ethical responsibility to their patients. Inquire about complications, and the process if you should have an adverse reaction. What should you do, who should you call, and what hospital or facility is available where the physician can see you?

Trust your instincts: Medical Spas should feel relaxing but function like medical offices. Observe the facility and the personnel. Is it a sterile environment? Are personnel visibly washing their hands, using gloves and following other sound hygienic practices? Is there a Physician monitoring the staff? If you have a concern, is the staff able to answer your question and address your concerns about safety?

Don’t be swayed by great deals: The appeal of cheap botox, fillers and laser treatements may play on your need to save money, but the reality is that these advertisements are not good deals. Medical professionals offer competent, safe cosmetic procedures. Genuine Botox, Collagen, Restalyne, and other injections are expensive. Research the going rate at dermatologist’s offices in your area and compare to the deal you are seeing offered. You really do get what you pay for. The tragic use of industrial silicone and toxic counterfeit drugs by unauthorized “medical spas” have made patients critically ill, caused disfigurement and even resulted in death.


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