Posts From June, 2018

Finding The Best Botox Provider

Botox didn’t always have the best reputation. Celebrities who went overboard on fillers were always labeled as Botox-gone-wrong. But that’s not really fair, and Botox has the ability to help with many different issues such as wrinkles, excessive sweating, and even migraines! Botox injections are like anything else cosmetic: when done right, the results can […]

Teen Acne: How To Banish Those Awkward Teenage Years

We know, we know. Having perfect skin is a fantasy. We’re human and every one of us will get the occasional pimple, wrinkle, and bout of flakey skin. We at Asarch Dermatology and Laser know that beauty is in our flaws, but there are some flaws we’d rather not show off to the world. Case […]

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