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If you have ever picked up a celebrity, beauty or fashion magazine, you have been bombarded with images of beautiful, young-looking women with no lines or imperfections of any kind. Is this what we are expecting as we age?

Of course it is and we aren’t blaming the media- these are the images we all want to be reality.

The truth is, these images are not realistic. We will all age in our own way- some faster than others due to our environment, our health and our skin care regimens. Few of us have purified, sun-filtered lifestyles, so we have more signs of aging or even skin cancer.

Once you have the damage, how can you turn back the clock on your Face Years?

Below is a general guideline to topical product treatments by age group. Not sure where to start?

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Age 20-25- You have minimal damage, so take preventative measures to keep your skin healthy.

Use Sunscreens and Moisturizers, as well as products with preventative anti-oxidants and collagen-stimulating ingredients.

Age 26-34 You will start to see some fine wrinkling, age spots and discolorations, minimal blood vessels, and sometimes rare pre-cancerous lesions. Continue to use Sunscreens and Moisturizers every day to prevent future damage. You may also want begin using a tretinoin (Renova or Retin-A) like non-prescription Retin Aid,  to reverse the early signs aging. Topical antioxidants and collagen-stimulating agentsbecome more necessary in this age range.

Age 35-49 At this age range, you can expect to notice some pigment changes, a darkening of age spots, early wrinkling around your mouth, mild blood vessels, a change in tone and texture and apparent wrinkles at rest. Continue to use the products we’ve recommended thus far including Sunscreens, Moisturizers, Tretinoin treatments, Anti-Oxidants and Collagen-Stimulating Agents.

More aggressive topicals may be necessary to give you the same results you achieved in your late 20’s and early 30’s.Try DNA Repair Gel which has the added benefit of reversing the effects of UV light damage. Need to step your moisturizer up a notch?We recommend Hydrating B5 Gel which acts as a moisture binder and protects against water loss.

Age 50-64 You will notice deeper wrinkles at rest, increased visibility of age spots and blood vessels, a loss of elasticity and increased changes in texture and tone. You are also more likely to have additional precancerous lesions, even early skin cancers.

It is essential that you are following a good skin care regimen with Sunscreens, Moisturizers, Tretinoin treatments, Anti-Oxidants and Collagen-Stimulating Agents. You will want to update your products to include medical grade ingredients to achieve maximum results. Products such as Efface, Neck Firming Serum, and DermaLuna are excellent anti-aging recommendations.

Age 65 & Beyond You may experience deep wrinkling, a further lack of tone and changes in texture, pore size and skin coloration. Continue to care for your skin with the products discussed above. Consistency in your regimen will make all the difference.

Ultimately, all any of us can do to stay feeling and looking young is to take care of our minds, our bodies and our skin each and every day. We will all age and lose skin tone and firmness. It is easy to be flawless on the cover of a magazine, but it is truly beautiful to be comfortable in your own skin.

Here’s to good skin health,

Dr. Asarch, M.D. 

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