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  • Posted on: Mar 13 2012
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A great skin care line is constantly evolving and growing based on the changes in technology and customer needs. With the new year approaching, I am pleased to announce the arrival of our DermaSplash Mask and our Cinderella Serum. 


Highly effective and super moisturizing, DermaSplash contains a molecular film that gently removes the buildup of dead skin cells, delivering improved hydration while preserving the natural barrier functionality of the skin. This mask also contains a highly effective moisture regulator that binds to the proteins in the top layer of your skin. This added ingredient boosts moisture retention and lengthens the amount of time your skin will stay hydrated! The result? Smooth and hydrated skin even in our dry, low humidity Colorado winters.

Cinderella Serum:

Need an instant fix for those wrinkles around your eyes?  Achieve up to 25% reduction of lines with just one application of dermaSpa Rx’s new Cinderella Serum! As it erases the appearance of fine wrinkles, its anti-aging properties promote collagen synthesis.  Cinderella Serum is aptly named because the tightening effects of the serum last about 4 hours—the duration of the fairytale ball—before gradually fading. With continued use, lines will show long lasting improvement.


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