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  • Posted on: May 1 2012
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Read Dr. Asarch’s tips on summer skin care on Always New You below…

Here at Always New You, we are ready for summer.  Well, at least in theory.  Before the warm months actually arrive we have started prepping for bathing suit weather.  Learn how to prepare your skin for the summer sun and how you can be fit to rock the beach in your bathing suit in time for the summer season!

Summer is the Perfect Time to Let Your Skin Shine

Summer has a laid back, easy feel. Your skin care in the summer can be just as easy and care free. Skip the heavy creams and moisturizers, cleanse twice a day and stick to products that contain an SPF.

Cleansing your skin removes the impurities that your skin accumulates throughout the day. It also encourages cell turnover. Choose a cleanser fit for your skin type that will leave your skin clean, but not strip away your skin’s natural oils and moisture content. If your skin feels dry after cleansing, switch to a light enzyme cleanser or foaming cleanser. Be sure to cleanse twice a day, ideally first thing in the morning and just before bed.

Next, apply a multi-purpose SPF cream. You might want a sun protection system that contains moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients or maybe you are looking for one that will build a natural looking tint. Using products that work to protect and nourish your skin at the same time will save you time and money. Make sure you apply sunscreen to all of your exposed skin- arms, chest, legs, etc. and not just your face. Re-apply every 2 hours if you are spending all day in the sun.

Skip the heavy moisturizers and creams during the day. Instead opt for a light, clear hydrating serum that will moisturize your skin without clogging your pores.

Want to try a self-tan?

Shower and exfoliate with a gentle body scrub. Be sure it is oil free so there is no residue left behind. Choose a moisturizing self tanner that gradually builds color with DHA. Lotions are easier to spread evenly than sprays, but may be difficult to get into hard to reach places.

Sound difficult? Skip the D-I-Y and visit your local spa for a spray tan. The effects are immediate and this is the time of year for promotions and discounts.


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