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Now that we’re in the heat of summer, are you ready for cooler months? If you’re currently suffering from sunburn, you especially might be missing fall and winter right now! So many of us get sunburned in the summer because we’re spending more time in the sun and exposing parts of our bodies to the sun that aren’t used to it (like backs, stomachs, and higher up on our legs). These body parts that get to hibernate all winter get a big jolt of sun when summer comes. Unfortunately, for many of us, that can mean a red, painful sunburn.

If you’re planning on spending more time in the sun while out on vacation, or are currently suffering from a sunburn, keep reading to learn about how to treat sunburn at home.

Aloe Vera

Though you can buy aloe vera gel in stores, an aloe plant can be just as soothing for a sunburn. This healing plant is great to keep at home on a windowsill, and you can just cut off part of a leaf to find the healing gel inside. The gel contains glycoproteins, which help  relieve pain and inflammation (two things definitely associated with sunburn).Apply as needed and feel the burn leave your skin.

Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated will help your skin heal itself faster, so grab a big glass of water and skip alcoholic beverages when your skin is especially red and tender. Your skin will thank you.

Oatmeal Bath

Taking a cool bath is nice, but adding some colloidal oatmeal will help your skin feel better even faster. Oatmeal helps soothe itching or irritated skin and also contains polysaccharides which help to heal the skin faster. Having oatmeal on hand will be helpful next time you experience sunburn, poison ivy, or even chicken pox.

Avoiding sunburn is the best option, of course, but these remedies might help if you’re in a bind. Take care of your skin and make sure to have a skin cancer check once a year. Call us at (303) 761-7797 to schedule a consultation today.

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