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How do you make sure you get the best results from the chemical peel you’ve chosen? Recovering and allowing your skin to heal is key to your results, so the week after your treatment is just as important as the treatment you’ve chosen. Keep reading for a few tips on how to get the most […]

Types of Fillers for a Quick Boost

Getting ready for the new year takes a last burst of energy after the long weekends of parties and family reunions this time of year. But, if you’re like us, you really look forward to the new year! It’s a time to start over, set some goals, and a night to spend with some of […]


Facial vascular lesions often affect our self-esteem, especially if they are very dark. They often seem to appear in prominent places where they grab attention: our lips, noses, fingers, or near our eyes are all common places for these annoying little blemishes to appear. In the past, your treatment option would be to use makeup […]

Kybella for Double-Chins

Some of us have a little extra fat under our chins that drag our faces downward, and make us look bigger. For people who have a genetic predisposition for under-chin fat, or a double-chin, this can be a hard struggle to overcome. If changing your diet and exercise aren’t helping you lose that under-chin fat, […]

Neograft: Is it a Good Option for Me?

Some men eventually embrace their thinning hair, though it is far less likely that women would do the same. If you feel like you miss the hair you used to have, then you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence, whether you’re a man or a woman. NeoGraft is one minimally invasive procedure that might be […]

Finding The Best Botox Provider And Get The Best Results Possible

Have you ever reached for the phone to schedule a massage or haircut the day of? Those impulsive haircuts or emergency massages (pain and soreness can slow down a busy day) might not be so problematic, as long as you know you trust the person giving you your treatment. When it comes to BOTOX, we […]

Microneedling Vs. Derma Rolling

One of our favorite treatments that sometimes gets us weird looks is microneedling. The idea of needles puncturing your face might give you the chills, but this is a tried and true treatment. Some of the best results can come from this straightforward treatment. Plus, the fact that you can customize it and that it […]

Your Skin Barrier

Though you may think that we can try three new products, get a chemical peel, and sit in a hot steam room for an hour, your skin may not be so happy with that plan. That’s because your skin may not be as resilient as you think it is, and when you pile on the […]

Too Much Sun: How to Treat Sunburn at Home

Now that we’re in the heat of summer, are you ready for cooler months? If you’re currently suffering from sunburn, you especially might be missing fall and winter right now! So many of us get sunburned in the summer because we’re spending more time in the sun and exposing parts of our bodies to the […]

Seborrheic Keratoses: The Basics

Have you just found something new on your skin? Are you curious? Panicking? We’ve certainly all been there: you find something new on your skin try to scrub it off, thinking it’s a little spot of dirt or makeup. After it decidedly doesn’t wash off, what do you do next? Many of us jump online […]

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