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This post is about evaluating your current skin condition.  Once you’ve read it and completed the chart, visit our Products page to see how you can address the issues you notice the most about your facial skin!

When we are born, our skin fits like an elastic, reselient glove protecting our bodies. When we change from plump babies with rolls and ringlets to taller, active, thinner children, our skin contracts leaving only as much as we need to cover our bodies.

As we age and spend time outside, exposed to ultraviolet light, our skin changes. We develop small imperfections in skin color, tone and elasticity. Eventually, unwanted bumps, growths and wrinkles appear.

Most people do not know exactly when these nuisances appear, but see them slowly becoming apparent. Over time these changes reveal our face years.

Depending on heredity, skin color, environment and ultraviolet light exposure, your actual age may be different from the age your skin suggests to others or what you see when you look in the mirror.

Now you can evaluate your skin and find out how old it is in face years. You will group the changes associated with aging into 6 characteristics

  • lines or wrinkles
  • pigment changes
  • skin color changes
  • texture changes
  • blood vessels
  • precancerous changes

Iwill have you rate how severe each condition is. Your score will tell you how old you are in face years. Familiarize yourself with the different characteristics.

Sit in front of a mirror in a well lit room. Relax all of your facial muscles. If you need- wear your glasses, but it would be easier to use a magnified mirror.

Using the score from 0 to 3, select the number that most closely fits your facial skin.

Guide 0  1/2 1 2 3
absent Very early changes mild, but visible pronounced verypronounced

When you have completed all of the fields, total your score and check your result on the table below.

Lines Pigment Changes Skin Color Change Textural Change Blood Vessels Precancerous
expression, lines present at rest. Brownish,flat area. Yellowish cast to skin. Irregular, bumpy surface. Vessels visible on skin. Dry, red, scaly lesions present.
0 20-25
1/2 to 3 26-34
3 1/2 to 6 35-49
6 1/2 to 12 50-64
12 1/2 to 18 65-75

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