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Asarch Dermatology has two separate areas, one for general dermatology and skin cancer surgery (Mohs micrographic surgery), and the other, our DermaSpa, for cosmetic dermatologic procedures (laser procedures, salt peels, and skin consultations). Visit our website to learn more

These days, the spa is not just for relaxation and pampering. At a medical spa both esthetic and medical staff are present and cosmetic and medical treatments are offered within the center. Patients are cared for before, during and after procedures. Though still offering a soothing environment and luxuriant treatments, a medical spa focuses on total skin health and wellness.

Our DermaSpa is Denver’s premier medical spa offering targeted treatments based on more than just your age. Our skin care professionals go beyond the typical practice of recommending products based solely on your age or what “should be” happening to your skin. We focus on “lifestyle aging” which is addressing skin care issues by current damage, health habits, environmental exposure and daily activities. A combined treatment of in-office procedures and topical products are then offered to address your personal skin care needs.

Skin aging happens at a different rate for each individual. To determine your needs, read below to see where you are at based on the following phases.

Phase 1: Early Signs of Aging: 

You will start to see some fine wrinkling, age spots, discolorations and minimal blood vessels. Be sure to use sunscreens and moisturizers every day to prevent future damage. You may also want to begin using a tretinoin (Renova or Retin-A) to reverse the early signs of aging. Topical antioxidants and collagen-stimulating agents can also be introduced. In addition to routine facials, begin a regular program of microdermabrasions-(a procedure that is performed with a jet of fine crystals vacuumed across the skin to remove dead and damaged cells and stimulate collagen, light chemical peels and botox to prevent furrows from forming. Also consider collagen or filling material injections which help restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds.

Phase 2:  Noticeable Signs of Aging:

As skin damage progresses from the early signs of aging to the more noticeable signs, you can expect to notice some pigment changes, a darkening of age spots, early wrinkling around your mouth, mild blood vessels, a change in tone and texture and apparent wrinkles at rest. Continue to use the DermaSpaRx Skin Nutrition products we’ve recommended thus far including Sunscreens, Moisturizers, Tretinoin treatments, Anti-Oxidants and Collagen-Stimulating Agents.

More aggressive topical products may be necessary to give you the same results.  In addition, you will benefit from deeper chemical peels, laser resurfacing-mostly around the mouth and eyes, and laser blepharoplasty for droopy eyelids or under-eye bags.

*Laser resurfacing– fractional lasers use fine microbeams of very high energy beam of light to “vaporize” columns of epidermis and dermis.  Scars, lines, wrinkles and other skin defects gradually improve over the following 3-4 months.

*Laser blepharoplasty  is eyelid surgery to correct sagging eyelids, remove fatty pouches beneath the eyes and remove excess skin in the upper eyelids.

Phase 3: Moderate Signs of Aging:

During this phase, you will notice deeper wrinkles at rest, increased visibility of age spots and blood vessels, a loss of elasticity and increased changes in texture and tone. You are also more likely to have additional precancerous lesions, even early skin cancers.It is essential that you are following a good skin care regimen of DermaSpaRx products including Sunscreens, Moisturizers, Tretinoin treatments, Anti-Oxidants and Collagen-Stimulating Agents. You will want to update your products to include medical grade ingredients to achieve maximum results.

In addition to the above, laser rejuvenation for the full face, laser blepharoplasty for droopy eyelids, botox and fillers are common. Pulsed light devices are also beneficial to remove age spots, sun damage and visible facial vessels.

Phase 4: Serious Damage:

You may experience deep wrinkling, a further lack of tone and changes in texture, pore size and skin coloration. Continue to care for your skin with the products and treatments discussed above. Consistency in your regimen will make all the difference.

Ultimately, all any of us can do to stay feeling and looking young is to take care of our minds, our bodies and our skin each and every day. We will all age and lose skin tone and firmness. It is easy to be flawless on the cover of a magazine, but it is truly beautiful to be comfortable in your own skin.



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