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Extensive research shows that topical retinoids can reduce fine wrinkles and skin roughness, increase the thickness of the top layer of the skin and stimulate collagen deeper in the skin. All of this produces healthier, younger-looking skin. Your skin can continue to improve for up to a year of continual use.

What is Retinol?

Retinol creams are made up of retinoids, a topical form of Vitamin A, which promotes cell turnover. Vitamin A is critical for the normal life cycle of skin cells. Without it, skin becomes fragile and the onset of wrinkles occurs more rapidly.  A well-researched anti-aging ingredient, Vitamin A (retinol)  works to reverse the signs of aging, minimizing wrinkles and discoloration caused by sun damage. Your skin can continue to improve for up to a year of continual use.

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Will Retinols Dry Out My Skin?

The original Retin-A was meant to peel skin on acne patients, so it can be quite drying and irritating.  Tretinoin  is a form of retinoic acid related to vitamin A. All forms of tretinoin require a doctor’s prescription. The retinoids’ most common side effects are skin irritation and a slight increase in sun sensitivity. You can minimize this by using products with a lesser concentration of tretinoin. Apply these products sparingly, and only in the evening. If they do irritate you, remember that your skin may get used to it over time.

Other products, like DERMAspaRx Retin-Aid, decreases the chance of irritation with the addition of soothing moisturizers. DERMAspa Rx is a comprehensive skin care line created by Denver Dermatologist, Dr. Richard Asarch.

Retin-Aid: This specialized first aid for prematurely aging skin contains retinol to promote cell turnover, visibly boosting the skin’s glow, smoothness and moisture for a radiant appearance. Formulated to improve elasticity and enhance the thickness of the skin which results in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

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