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Have you ever reached for the phone to schedule a massage or haircut the day of? Those impulsive haircuts or emergency massages (pain and soreness can slow down a busy day) might not be so problematic, as long as you know you trust the person giving you your treatment. When it comes to BOTOX, we feel the same way. It’s best to do your research and know your provider is good at what they do, then feel free to make quick appointments if you suddenly have an event appear on your schedule.

Keep reading to learn about how to find the best BOTOX provider and get the best results possible.


BOTOX helps treat wrinkles by preventing the muscles that are the underlying cause of wrinkles from contracting. They are essentially frozen. Imagine the little lines in the middle of your forehead when you get angry or frustrated. So many of us get wrinkles or lines there, but the truth is that they come from the muscles we use. By treating the area with BOTOX, underlying muscles aren’t allowed to move and create wrinkles above them on your skin. Now all we need to do is remove all the frustration from our lives–then we wouldn’t need BOTOX to keep the wrinkles away!

Picking Your Provider

Jumping at a BOTOX appointment because you’ve discovered a deal that expires soon isn’t the best plan for the best results. You might have found a great provider, but research can help you take the guesswork and luck out of great BOTOX. BOTOX treatments might be newer in some physicians’ practice, so they might not have the most experience that will make your BOTOX the best. Our best tip is to ask for before and after photos of BOTOX treatments, to gauge what your concerns are and if that physician is skilled enough to help with yours.

When in doubt, ask your friends who they see. They will likely tell you if they had a bad experience somewhere (so you can avoid bad BOTOX, too). Doing some legwork upfront can ensure you get the best results possible!

If you’re interested in smoothing wrinkles with BOTOX, please give us a call at (303) 761-7797 to schedule a consultation.

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