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  • Posted on: Sep 7 2012
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Dr. Asarch was quoted this week in 303’s article about BB Creams. BB (short for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm) are often labeled “miracle all-in-one creams” that moisturize, heal and protect the skin. Dr. Asarch warned  “be educated about ingredients when choosing your skin care products. BB creams are being marketed as miracle products by companies that want to sell them to you. Dermatologists have been recommending products that address aging skin, hydrate and protect with SPF for several decades. The concentration of ingredients in physician grade products is significantly more effective than over-the-counter brands with big marketing budgets.”

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DERMASpaRX products are scientifically designed for your skin, with high concentrations of the most effective ingredients, making them superior to common moisturizers in every way. We know everyone’s skin is different, which is why we match you to one of four skin types using our Skin Test, which provides you with an entire selection of products formulated just for your specific skin type. The result is a product line as individual as you.

We want nothing more than to provide you with the most effective means of preventing, treating and repairing skin. Our products can restore your skin cells to healthier, more youthful states, helping everyone see the real you.

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Scientifically proven and highly effective, the Platinum Collection addresses the problems of aging and damaged skin, from sun damage to wrinkles and age spots.


Oily and acne prone skin benefits from skin care that helps regulate oil production and prevent plugging of oil glands, in addition to reducing bacteria that cause blemishes.


Normal to Dry skin will benefit from a more active set of products that reverse the signs or aging, inhibit collagen breakdown while increasing lipid production.


For more sensitive skin, DermaSpa Rx products help repair sensitive and prevent the signs of aging by gently stimulating natural oil production, boosting collagen and restoring  the skin’s natural barrier.



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