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Dr. Asarch is often quoted in Dermatology Articles, Medical Write-Ups and Skin Care Features. With Halloween arriving Wednesday, we thought we would share this article from the Jewish Exponent Newspaper about the benefits of “The Great Pumpkin”. Read the exerpt below or read the full article by clicking on the photo or by following this link…

The Great Pumpkin

October 24, 2012 – Elyse Glickman, Jewish Exponent Feature

Colorado-based dermatologist Dr. Richard Asarch and Nebraska dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger freely handed out generous handfuls of sweet facts about the pumpkin during our search for tricks and treatments: Pumpkin contains vitamins A and C, Omega-3, antioxidants and minerals to nourish the body and help build tissue.

Applied topically, enzymes from the pumpkin gently exfoliate dead skin cells without scrubbing, which both doctors note can break capillaries and can be too harsh for sensitive skin.

Asarch adds that pumpkin seeds and oils have been used over many generations to make medicines, which, in turn, have been used for treating bladder irritation, kidney infections and intestinal worms.

“The use of pumpkin seeds as a remedy for parasites and kidney problems is well documented in Native American history,” Asarch details. “In the late 1800s, herbal doctors used pump­kin seeds regularly to treat urinary and gastric illness, and for parasite removal. “The pumpkin plant, along with its seeds, has been used in the traditional medicine of many countries, including India and Mexico.”

At the Asarch Dermatology and Laser and DermaSpa (which attract visitors from throughout the United States), Asarch’s team offers a modern therapeutic pumpkin facial treatment. The special treatment package incorporates a skin purification with Pumpkin Clean­ser, a facial massage with Pumpkin E Oil and a Pumpkin Enzyme Peel…

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