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Fractional laser skin resurfacing can help you improve the look of your skin with minimal risk and very little downtime. It is the smart approach to skin resurfacing that uses microbeams to create areas of treated tissue surrounded by untreated tissue, which provides faster healing and reduced side effects.  Using  micro-fractional laser technology allows treatment of wrinkles, acne and surgical scars, melasma, striae, unwanted textural irregularities, crow’s feet, blotchy skin and more, on virtually any trouble spot on the body – face, neck, chest, arms, legs.

At the Asarch Center, it is now possible to have laser skin resurfacing using a combination of two fractional lasers,the 1440 or 1540, and the 2940.  Fractional lasers combine the effectiveness of the traditional CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers,long thought to be the gold standard in wrinkle removal, with a new application technique, delivering powerful results without the traditionally harsh side effects. The sun damaged, aging skin can be removed layer by layer, stimulating the regeneration of the deeper healthier skin. This allows much faster healing time than that with more aggressive CO2 lasers. Fractional lasers also are not associated with the increased risk of loss of pigment or scarring that had occurred with CO2 lasers. 

Unlike dermabrasion and chemical peels, fractional lasers uses fine microbeams of very high energy beam of light to “vaporize” columns of epidermis and dermis.  Scars, lines, wrinkles and other skin defects gradually improve over the following 3-4 months. Because the laser is gentle, comfort both during and after the procedure is improved and helps with a more rapid return to your normal routine.

Fractional Laser Rejuvenation Works for:

Wrinkle Reduction

Utilizing a non-invasive laser we can reduce wrinkles and actually stimulate collagen production. Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing does this in a way that prevents damage to the top layer of skin, offering maximum results with minimal recovery time. For patients who have been unable to enjoy the benefits of laser rejuvenation because of the healing time involved, and for those who need a touch up but wanted a no-effort post-treatment course, the Fractional 1440 or 1540 Laser can be the answer. It reduces wrinkles and actually turns time back on your collagen clock. This laser has the ability to reduce wrinkles on all skin types with the following advantages:

  1. No post operative wound care
  2. No post treatment evidence of procedure
  3. Non-invasive
  4. Immediately ability to return to normal activities
  5. Office procedure

The laser beam travels through the top layer of skin and interacts only with the second layer of skin, the dermis. Here, it stimulates the production of new collagen that gradually appears over the next 60 to 90 days. The full effect of wrinkle reduction and maximum collagen production is reached within three to four months. Additional treatments can be performed to achieve greater wrinkle reduction and even more collagen production. The benefits of this laser are cumulative, so you can keep turning the collagen clock back.


Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Concerned about stretch marks this Spring and Summer? Palomar’s fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing laser minimizes the appearance of stretch marks with no downtime. The Lux1540 laser handpiece improves the unsightly color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, leaving clients with smoother, better-looking skin. For stretch mark treatment, the Lux1540 handpiece delivers an array of high-precision microbeams to create deep, narrow columns of coagulation in the epidermis and dermis. This triggers a restorative natural healing process that creates healthy new tissue, including the deposition of new collagen.

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