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It is time to head Back-to-School! Whether you are a student or a parent, this time of year can be filled with anxiety and excitement both. The new routine and busy schedule is a big change from the laid back days of summer. Below are some tips for keeping your skin healthy and fit with all the new activity.

[/caption]Shed the Tan:In the past few months you have probably spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the summer sun. Even with the use of sunscreen and protective clothing, it is possible you got a tan and now are left with a dull, uneven texture as it wears off.  Exfoliate to remove built up dead skin cells, encourage new cell development and help return your skin to its natural color. At the Spa: Try an exfoliating facial and body polish specific to your skin type. At home: Use an exfoliating cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acids for your face and a sugar or salt scrub for the rest of your body. Continue to use Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day.

Deal with Your Acne: Hormonal changes, especially in the teenage years, can send the oil glands into overdrive and cause black heads, white heads and acne. Get to school with a clear and fresh face by cleansing your skin in the morning and evening with a cleanser designed for your skin type. This will help keep pores clear and open.  Skip scrubbing your skin with harsh products as they can irritate your skin further and make  blemishes look worse. At home:  Use non-comedogenic, oil free products such as DermaSpaRx Oil Control Serum and Oil Free Moisturizer to keep skin healthy. See your Dermatologist if you are unable to manage your acne without a prescription or if it is severe enough to require treatment with Acleara.
Regulate your Diet: Summer often provides us with the opportunity to eat different foods- some healthy, some not. If you spent the summer “relaxing” on your normal diet with fair foods, barbecues and vacation foods, now is a good time to return to your normal skin healthy diet. Skip oily, sugary, fatty foods and refined carbs and opt for fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and lean proteins. I have discussed which foods are best for your skin in past blogs  and my book “The Beautiful Skin Diet”.


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Order DermaSpa AHA Facial Cleanser!Avoid skin infections : Dorm living and the return of team sports in the fall increases your risk of contagious skin infections. Be aware of common skin conditions caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi to prevent infection and spreading. Wash hands frequently and try to keep shared surfaces, sporting equipment and common areas clean and disinfected. Carry antibacterial wipes or liquid with you if you do not have access to soap and water. Wear rubber shoes when showering in a shared locker room or dorm, wash clothing after participating in sports or visiting the gym and be sure all wounds are covered completely during any activity where you have contact with others. Read about common contagious skin infections such as ringworm, MRSA and herpes in my last blog by clicking HERE.  If you suspect any form of skin infection head to your dermatologist for an analysis and take the right treatment.

Shorten your Skin Care Routine: Whether you’re headed to class or getting your kids to school, chances are you will have less time in the morning. It is easy to let your skin-care and routine fall short amid all the back-to-school chaos. The key is do the most effective steps with multi-use products.

Step 1: Cleanse and exfoliate with a combination cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acids. This will help get rid of dead skin, improve skin surface, reduce the signs of photoaging and stimulate new collagen production.

Step 2: Moisturize and Protect with a multi-purpose product. If you have young, healthy skin already- use a sunscreen & moisturizer in one such as DermaSpaRx Sun Protection System- Oil Free. If you are looking for anti-aging benefits, in addition to your sunscreen– use a moisturizer that also contains antioxidants to help skin recover from sun damage and collagen stimulators to diminish fine lines and wrinkles such as DermaSpaRx DNA Repair Gel.

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