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Over the past decade, the Medical Spa has become the go-to facility for all of your skin health needs.  At a medical spa both aesthetic and medical staff are present and cosmetic and medical treatments are offered within the center. Medical Spas offer a range of treatments, formerly offered only in your dermatologist’s office, in a relaxing and serene environment. Patients are cared for before, during and after procedures. Though still offering a soothing environment and luxuriant treatments, a medical spa focuses on total skin health and wellness.

Due to the emergence of the medical spa, many facilities feel pressured to market themselves as medical offices. The wide range of services provided in a medical spa can lead to poor practice. Many facilities deliver on the spa piece, but lack the appropriate training and supervision to safely deliver on the medical front. Clients get a false sense of security which can lead to dangerous complications.


Make sure the Doctor is in. Though a doctor is not required to perform all the procedures in a medical spa, he or she should always be present in the clinic. He or she should also take your medical history and create the appropriate treatment plan for you. A physician’s assistant can also obtain your history, but a doctor must review it.

Know who is performing your treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember that this is a medical facility and you are a patient. Who will perform the procedure and what is his or her licensing status? Is a physician performing the treatment? If so, ask about his or her qualifications. Is the doctor a specialist in these procedures? Is he or she board certified in an appropriate specialty? If a registered nurse or physician assistant will be doing the procedure, what are his or her qualifications? Where is the doctor who is supervising them? (Although the physician does not have to be onsite, he or she must be immediately reachable.)

Know the risks: All procedures carry risks and medical practitioners will fully disclose them due to their ethical responsibility to their patients. Inquire about complications, and the process if you should have an adverse reaction. What should you do, who should you call, and what hospital or facility is available where the physician can see you?

Trust your instincts: Medical Spas should feel relaxing but function like medical offices. Observe the facility and the personnel. Is it a sterile environment? Are personnel visibly washing their hands, using gloves and following other sound hygienic practices? Is there a Physician monitoring the staff? If you have a concern, is the staff able to answer your question and address your concerns about safety?

Don’t be swayed by great deals: The appeal of cheap botox, fillers and laser treatements may play on your need to save money, but the reality is that these advertisements are not good deals. Medical professionals offer competent, safe cosmetic procedures. Genuine Botox, Collagen, Restalyne, and other injections are expensive. Research the going rate at dermatologist’s offices in your area and compare to the deal you are seeing offered. You really do get what you pay for. The tragic use of industrial silicone and toxic counterfeit drugs by unauthorized “medical spas” have made patients critically ill, caused disfigurement and even resulted in death.


Our philosophy at the DermaSpa and Asarch Dermatology & Laser is to offer a “Continuum of Care” to our patients. We provide our patients with the latest dermatology and skin care information, products, and proven medical treatments to keep their skin as healthy as possible. Just as we have learned to eat healthy and to exercise to stay fit, we need to give our skin the same kind of constant care and nutrition.

We take pride in being a leader in Dermatology, not only in the Denver area, but throughout the United States. Led by veteran dermatologist Dr. Richard Asarch, our providers specialize in understanding the structure and function of your skin and treating skin diseases, such skin cancer, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and shingles. We provide compassionate care, educate patients about preventative skin care and make recommendations on maintaining skin health from topical agents to sophisticated laser procedures. Our care continues beyond the time you spend in our office, helping you heal faster and minimize any concerns after a procedure is performed.

With our full service DermaSpa medical spa, we are able to offer both a relaxing spa environment and cosmetic procedures conducted by skin care experts with medical supervision. The procedures in our medical spa are designed to enhance your skin’s health and appearance, ranging from facials and peels to injectable fillers and advanced laser treatments.

Dermatologist Dr. Richard Asarch is the founder of the Denver-based Asarch Dermatology and Laser and its accompanying state-of-the-art DermaSpa, the first medical spa in Colorado. The Asarch Center and DermaSpa are directly across the hall from each other, giving patients instant access when medical and cosmetic dermatological issues intertwine. Dr. Asarch has spent 35 years in practice evaluating and adopting the latest advances in cosmetic dermatology and is an authority on skin cancer having successfully performed over 30,000 Mohs Surgeries.

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