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  • Posted on: Jan 28 2013
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A myth is a story that is widely accepted after being repeated and shared over and over. Myths are generally based in fact, but become diluted over time. Read below to learn the truth about these 3 popular skin care myths.

Myth #1- Drinking Water Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

While drinking water is good for your overall health, it alone will not give you the dewy complexion you are looking for. Hydrated skin comes down to surface moisture. Moisturizers work by attracting moisture to your skin and preventing moisture loss. Your skin needs deeply penetrating hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to attract and retain moisture in the top level of skin.  A daily hydrating serum and a weekly moisture mask should achieve the moisture level you are looking for.

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Myth #2-After Age 40, Staying Plump All Over is the Only Way to Have a Fuller, More Youthful Face.

It is true that with aging the epidermis becomes more permeable and susceptible to irritation from the outside. The skin cells that make up the epidermis start to break up and lose their neat, brick-wall-like alignment. Skin makes fewer new epidermal cells and the epidermis becomes thinner. In the dermis, collagen fibers diminish and skin starts to get a loose, saggy appearance.

Prior to fillers and injectables, it was widely accepted that gaining a few pounds was the best way to fill out the hallows of a mature face. Now there are many treatment options including Juvederm, which can restore your skin’s volume and smooth away facial wrinkles and folds. The advances in topical treatments will also improve skin texture, tone and collagen strength. The products in our DermaSpaRx Platinum Line are all focused on correcting these signs of aging.

Our DNA Repair Gel contains ingredients which help the skin recover from ultraviolet light damage, along with antioxidants, vitamin C, and agents that promote collagen synthesis and help diminish fine lines. Next, our Derma Luma moisturizing cream promotes lightening and an even skin tone on all skin types while providing hydration and collagen stimulation. Finally, in the Platinum Regimen, our Efface Cream provides medical grade levels of four active ingredients to minimize facial lines and promote collagen growth in a moisturizing and protective base.

Myth #3-Toners Tighten and Shrink Pores

The truth is the size of your pores is not really in your control as you cannot shrink the diameter. However, clean pores are less obvious than clogged pores. Toners generally contain alcohol which can irritate your skin. Most people get little benefit from a toner. Even though they immediately remove surface oil, they have no lasting benefit. You are better off using a good daily cleanser twice a day to clear pores,  remove dirt, make-up and excess oil.

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