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With the New Year finally here, we’re all in the mood to smooth out our lives. No more rushing around last minute, no more skipping the gym in favor of yet another night on the couch, and definitely no more nights going to bed with makeup on. Let’s face it: the new year is a great time to ditch the bad habits and set up some more positive ones. Keep reading to learn about some of the best ways you can set up positive skin habits in the new year.


There’s so much skincare out there, that it’s no longer fun to find products. It’s just overwhelming. If you want a routine that will give you amazing results without all of the ten-step time, we have products for you. Dr. Asarch has created products that can help you maintain your skin health and radiance. For example, Lighten Up can help treat dark spots.


Exfoliation is key to helping your skin look more radiant, as it helps your products more effectively reach and treat the skin. Clearing off dead skin also helps skin turn over, which gives your complexion a boost. Our Salt Peel Microdermabrasion treatment is perfect for giving your skin a rejuvenated look.


If you’ve committed to  Botox or dermal fillers, you’ll want to commit to regular appointments to keep your results looking fantastic. Botox should be refreshed around every three to four months, and dermal fillers will have the most optimal results if they’re refreshed every six to twelve months.

Resurfacing Treatments

If you want a smooth, clear complexion that’s free of sunspots, you’ll want to take advantage of our laser resurfacing treatments. Even if you wear sunscreen and other sun protection, chances are there is sun damage lurking on your skin. Fractional laser treatments can help revitalize areas of skin that have sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.


We all want more collagen, because that’s what gives our face the volume and healthy youthful look we all crave. If you’re looking for a boost of collagen, DermaFrac micro-channeling treatments are perfect for you.

Don’t wait to start your year of better skin. Call us today at (303) 761-7797 to schedule an appointment.

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