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Finding a balance between aging gracefully and not looking as though we are older than we really are becomes a priority for most women at some point in their lives, and even men want to look as young as they feel.

Our skin thins and becomes less elastic with each passing year, while brown spots, skin tags and wrinkles show up as common signs of aging. Smoking and sun damage accelerate the signs of aging and should be avoided.  It is possible to promote healthier skin with a balanced diet, regular exercise, daily sunscreen and routine maintenance with quality skin care regimens.

Even if you’ve done everything right, some body parts seem destined to betray your age first.

1)    Hands

Because your hands are most always exposed to the elements, it is not surprising that they made number one on the list.  Experts claim sun damage to be the main culprit, so applying sunscreen each day to the backs of your hands may slow the signs of aging. In addition, a good hand cream such as Dr. Asarch’s  DermaSpa Rx’s Intense Hand Therapy at least once a day, preferably overnight or right after you wash your hands.  Even though hands usually begin to look older in in one’s 20’s, most people see the first signs of aging hands in their 30’s or 40’s, and most people won’t change their routines until they notice the appearance of their hands.

Asarch Dermatology & Aesthetics offers several treatments to combat the signs of aging and reveal younger looking hands: 

  • Intense Pulsed Light
  • Fillers
  • DermaSpa Rx
    Lighten UP
    Extreme Lightening Mask
    Intense Hand Therapy
  • Sunscreen:  Elta MD

2)    Face

Children look adorable with freckles, but as adults, those dark spots on our faces may make us look older.  The good news? New treatment options can lighten and brighten your skin and skin tone.  According to Dr. Asarch, the easiest treatment for all types of hyperpigmentation is to add a brightening serum to your daily skin care regimen.  Try Lighten Up to target specific dark spots on your face, and use Extreme Lightening Mask or DermaLuma each night.  IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) also works well to treat various spots on your face, or any of the Asarch Center’s more advanced chemical peels are more effective for treating melasma or larger areas of pigmentation.

It is extremely important to schedule your yearly skin exam to ensure that moles, brown spots or other pigmented areas be watched.  Skin cancer is very prevalent in sunny Colorado, and is treatable if caught early.

If wrinkles start appearing on your face- be sure to start using a hyrdrating moisturizer which penetrates the surface of your skin, such as DermaSpa Rx’s Moisture Repair Cream  and eat foods listed in The Beautiful Skin Diet.  As we age, we lose volume in our faces in both tissue and bone, and our skin becomes looser.  Of course, sun damage speeds up the aging process in our skin, so the first thing to do is to apply sunscreen daily. To reverse the visible signs of wrinkles and aging- the Asarch Center provides state of the art options for all skin types.

The Asarch Center offers several treatments to combat the signs of aging on your face: 

  • Ultherapy
  • Sublative
  • Fillers
  • Voluma
  • Botox
  • Dermafrac
  • Salt Peel
  • Chemical Peel
  • NeoLTS
  • Hydration Facials
  • DermaSpa Rx Regimens

3)    Eyelids

The delicate areas around the eyes will stretch with time, while the muscles supporting the eyelids become weaker.  This may lead to a surplus of fat above and below your eyelids creating hooded upper lids and bags under your eyes.  While drinking more water, getting enough sleep and wearing sunglasses may help, it may be necessary to incorporate some additional treatments into the mix.  One of the easiest solutions is to use Complete Eye Recovery Serum to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and Eye Repair Cream to smooth and fill in wrinkles and creases around the eyes. If a more invasive solution is necessary, schedule a complimentary consultation to customize a treatment which will provide you with the most natural and beneficial results.

Uncover more youthful eyes

  • Sublative
  • Ultherapy
  • Botox
  • Blepharoplasty
  • DermaSpa Rx
    Complete Eye Recovery Serum
    Eye Repair Cream     

4)    Neck

“The truly astonishing thing is how a body part can age 10 years almost overnight! My hands did. My neck seems to have collapsed in the space of a single year!” said one post 50 woman.

The skin on our necks is thinner than on our faces.  Applying the same skin care products to your neck that you do on your face, including sunscreen, is a good start, but important to start prior to the appearance of wrinkles or aging for the best results.  One of the Asarch Center’s most successful neck treatments is Ultherapy, using ultrasound to tighten and lift lax skin.  If submental fat under your chin makes you look older, Kybella, a series of safe injections to restore your jaw and neckline to defy your age.

Reveal a younger looking neck:

  • Ultherapy
  • Kybella
  • DermaSpa Rx Sun Protection System

5)    Hair

Not only does your hair gray with age, it becomes thinner and more dry and brittle.  Experts say you should add more moisture by using certain oils or trying protein rich hair treatments.  You may also be a candidate for NeoGraft, the least invasive hair transplantation available.  The Asarch Center, proudly chosen as one of the first in Colorado to have the FDA Cleared NeoGraft System, offers both men and women the most effective and natural results with minimal down time, little to no discomfort and no scalpel incision or scarring.  Another option, NeoLTS provides healing light therapy to increase hair growth and improve hair health.  Viviscal Pro, a daily supplement, has shown visible improvement in hair growth within 12 weeks.  Ask one of our providers in a complimentary consultation if any of these options are right for you. Viviscal Pro, a daily supplement, has shown visible improvement in hair growth within 12 weeks.  Ask one of our providers in a complimentary consultation if any of these options are right for you.

The Asarch Center offers several treatments to combat the signs of aging and reveal younger looking hair:

  • NeoGraft
  • NeoLTS

6)    Elbows and Knees

Sun, stress, smoking, loss of sweat and oil glands and not enough hydration are the main contributors to lax skin on elbows and knees.  Add a moisturizer to your daily regimen, DermaSpa Rx’s Intense Hand Therapy, works well on dry knees and elbows. Exilis may also work well for you to shrink and tighten loose skin not only on your knees and elbows but also on your abdomen and neck.

Say goodbye to saggy knees and elbows!

  • Exilis
  • DermaSpa Rx’s Intense Hand Therapy

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