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  • Posted on: Aug 30 2017
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Bright, taut and smooth skin is always trendy. And while sticking to a simple skin care routine using a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen is essential for a healthy complexion, and sometimes skin needs extra TLC to keep looking its best.

Noninvasive procedures are the hot new trend hitting the skin-care industry, and professional facials and skin treatments are becoming increasingly popular with men. After all, having good skin can help you feel more attractive and confident. Check out these trending treatments and see if any suit your skin’s specific needs.

Keep Skin in Prime Condition with a Vibraderm Facial

Getting routine facials can help keep your skin in tip-top shape, and Vibraderm facials are specifically tailored for men’s skin. This 30-minute power scrub works to invigorate your skin and stimulate the production of collagen using state-of-the-art Vibraderm technology.

Rejuvenate and Exfoliate with Chemical Peels

Despite the scary name, chemical peels are one of the gentlest and most non-invasive skin treatments. Chemical peels work by exfoliating skin to improve the appearance of acne scars, age spots, fine lines and rough, sun-damaged skin. And since there are so many different kinds of chemical peels, you can choose one that’s best suited for your skin type and level of tolerance.

Treat Blemishes and Sun Damage with Blue Light Therapy

If you’re dealing with stubborn acne or acne scars, then consider trying blue light therapy. Blu-U photo-facial light therapy is an effective acne treatment that can also diminish signs of sun damage while making skin less oily.

Minimize Acne Scars, Age Spots and Fine Lines with Gentle Energy Currents

Sublative facial rejuvenation can diminish acne scars, age spots, shallow wrinkles and irregular skin texture with bipolar radio frequency, or gentle currents. This revolutionary technology rejuvenates skin safely and efficiently, and it can be done in three quick 10- to 20-minute treatments with minimal recovery time.

Diminish Eye Wrinkles and Puffiness with Laser Blepharoplasty

If you’re dealing with unsightly eye wrinkles, under-eye bags or droopy eyelids, you may be able to forgo traditional eyelid surgery thanks to laser blepharoplasty, which uses lasers to tighten wrinkled or droopy skin while reducing under-eye puffiness. As there is no scalpel involved, you can cut your recovery time down to days using this treatment.

If one of these popular skin treatments has piqued your interest, be sure to contact Asarch Dermatology and Aesthetics today for a consultation.

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