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At Asarch Dermatology and Laser, we pride ourselves in being one of the premier Mohs surgery providers in the region. Dr. Richard Asarch was the first to bring Mohs surgery to Colorado, and he has completed over 30,000 successful cases. In 1981, he was recruited to create the dermatologic surgery program in the Department of Dermatology at University of Colorado, which included utilizing the Mohs procedure. Come in and Experience the Asarch Center difference, and you’ll see why we’re the best.

What is Mohs surgery?

Initially developed by Dr. Frederic E. Mohs, Mohs is the most effective treatment for treating basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers, with the highest success rate of all skin cancer treatments. Mohs allows surgeons to identify and remove tumors one layer at a time preserving as much healthy tissue as possible, minimizing the size of the defect thereby keeping any necessary repair as minimal as possible. [1]

Why is Mohs micrographic surgery unique?

Mohs surgery is unique and so effective because of the way the removed tissue is microscopically examined, evaluating 100% of the surgical margins. The pathologic interpretation of the tissue margins is done on site by the Mohs surgeon, who is specially trained in the reading of these slides and is best able to correlate any microscopic findings with the surgical site on the patient. [2]

How effective is the surgery?

Mohs surgery is very effective, having a success rate of 99%, the highest rating among other skin cancer treatments. [3]

How extensive is the training for the Mohs Fellowship?

One must complete a residency in Dermatology or a related field before they can apply to participate in a fellowship training.  A qualified Mohs surgeon provides extensive training, and fellows are expected to take part in a minimum of 500 Mohs surgery cases. Fellows become proficient in accurately interpreting slides of tissues samples removed during Mohs surgery, and perform many closures ranging from simple to intricate multi-step repairs.

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