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  • Posted on: Nov 30 2019
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Are you experiencing itching, redness, or other problems on specific areas of your skin? Fungal infections, or “tinea,” can be common. At some point or another, most individuals will develop a fungal infection somewhere on their body. Some may develop a resistance to fungal infections after experiencing them, while others may be more at risk due to genetics. Whatever the cause, fungal infections can be successfully diagnosed and treated with the assistance of a dermatologist.

What types of fungal infections can develop?

There are many types of fungal infections that are commonly seen at Asarch Dermatology, Laser, and Mohs Surgery in Colorado, including:

  • Tinea pedia (also known as athlete’s foot)
  • Tinea unguium (also known as nail fungus)
  • Tinea cruris (also known as jock itch)
  • Tinea corporis (also known as ringworm)
  • Tinea capitis (also known as scalp ringworm)

What treatment options are available?

Speaking to a dermatologist about your fungal infection is the best way to get a proper diagnosis and to seek effective treatment options. In most cases, over-the-counter medications for fungal infections can be used as treatment. This includes mediation such as Micatin AF and Lamisil-AT. There are some creams that may be available by prescription through our dermatologist that can work faster and require less applications. Additionally, patients can also ask about oral medications for addressing more severe fungal infections, or those that seem chronic in nature. A combination of treatments may also be used for more stubborn cases of fungal infections that are not responding to traditional medications. Our team of professionals can provide a proper diagnosis and discuss the best possible treatment for one’s specific and unique situation.

Do you suspect that you have a fungal infection?

Treatment of fungal infections early and effectively will improve the healing process for many of our patients. If you live in the areas of Englewood, Castle Rock, Holyoke, or Lakewood, Colorado, our team can help. Call Asarch Dermatology, Laser, and Mohs Surgery today at (303) 761-7797 to schedule your appointment at any one of our several convenient office locations. Our doctors can assist with the diagnosis and treatment of fungal infections and other skin concerns in our facility.

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