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  • Posted on: Jan 30 2020
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Spider veins can be unsightly on the legs, and many patients who have them may avoid detection by always wearing pants or long skirts. While spider veins are unattractive, they can be easily treated with a procedure known as sclerotherapy. At Asarch Dermatology, Laser and Mohs Surgery, patients in the areas of Englewood, Castle Rock, Lakewood, and Holyoke, CO have access to sclerotherapy to fade away spider veins and improve the appearance of the legs.

What causes spider veins?

To understand what causes spider veins, patients must first understand how healthy veins work. In a healthy leg vein, the blood is pumped by the heart and will travel to and from the feet through the legs. The blood will circulate throughout the body without any problems. However, if a healthy vein becomes damaged or diseased, the blood will no longer flow freely through the legs. This can result in excess blood in the vein that becomes stuck and creates the formation of spider veins.

How are spider veins treated?

While spider veins are often an embarrassment for patients, but they can be treated using sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is the use of a sclerosing gel that is administered via an injection directly into the problematic vein. The idea behind this therapy is that the vein will be damaged and will stop flowing blood. This, in turn, allows the body to naturally absorb the vein and eliminate the appearance of the vein below the skin. The process takes several weeks to occur, but is a reliable and effective way of addressing spider veins in the legs of men and women. It is also an affordable solution for patients who are worried about the aesthetic appearance of these veins.

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At Asarch Dermatology, Laser and Mohs Surgery, we have dedicated our practice to helping patients look and feel better about their own skin and body. If you are interested in discussing sclerotherapy for your spider veins, we invite you to book a visit with our team. We have several locations in the areas of Holyoke, Castle Rock, Lakewood, and Englewood, CO and can be reached at (303) 761-7797.

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