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  • Posted on: Dec 30 2019
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Many patients in the area of Colorado hear that close attention to moles can help in determining if skin cancer is present. Moles themselves are often benign and are not cancerous. However, when certain changes occur to the moles over time, it may indicative of skin cancer and requires immediate medical attention. The providers at Asarch Dermatology, Laser, and Mohs Surgery encourage patients to not only schedule an appointment when changes to moles occur, but to schedule routine screenings every year to monitor the development of skin cancer.

Is this mole cancerous?

Men and women often visit our practice when they are concerned about certain developments that occur to moles on their body. It is best that patients know what to look for when determining if a mole may be a sign of skin cancer. Typically patients with skin cancer will notice changes to their moles that may have been on their body their entire lives. We encourage patients to use the rule of ABCDE when determining if a mole need to be evaluated.

  • A stands for Asymmetry. This is when the mole is no longer symmetrical in appearance and develops into an unusual shape that may indicate cancer.
  • B stands for Border. If the border of the mole is changing, it may be indicative of skin cancer.
  • C stands for Color. If the mole begins to change in color, it needs to be evaluated. Color of the mole is often the same throughout childhood and into adulthood, but unusual changes may require attention.
  • D stands for Diameter. Moles that increase in size are of great concern, especially if they are larger than a pencil eraser.
  • E stands for Evolution. Any changes that occur to a mole that has stayed consistent through the years should be evaluated by a dermatological professional.

Request a skin cancer screening with our doctors today!

Patients in and around the communities of Englewood, Lakewood, Castle Rock, and Holyoke, Colorado concerned about skin cancer are encouraged to visit the team at Asarch Dermatology, Laser, and Mohs Surgery to discuss the benefits routine skin cancer screenings. Call (303) 761-7797 today to schedule a consultation and evaluation at one of our many Colorado area practices.

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