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  • Posted on: Sep 18 2017
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As the season changes from summer to fall, so must your skincare routine. In fact, you must pay as close attention to your daily skincare routine in the fall as you do during the summer heat. As the weather turns cooler, your skin can begin to experience breakouts, dryness and a general lackluster appearance. But have no fear, just a few minor tweaks to your summer skin care routine can take your summer glow well into the fall and beyond!

TIP #1: Re-evaluate Your Cleansing Routine

Summertime is the perfect season for bathing in fruity shower gels and foaming cleansers, as they are great for deep cleaning every day. However, many of these products may induce a dryness effect as the temperature cools down and less oil is produced. In order to combat this effect, it is a good idea to use a non-drying, sulfate-free gel cleanser in the morning and a lightweight, lotion based cleanser at night. At Asarch Dermatology, we recommend our enriching Facial Enzyme Cleanser for daily cleansing both morning and night.  Our Facial Enzyme Cleanser is mild, yet effective, leaving the skin clean and supple.

TIP #2: Moisturize Like A Fiend!

As every skin care expert will tell you, the key to great skin is hydration. The most effective way to keep your skin hydrated is to invest in a quality moisturizer, especially during the fall. While a lightweight moisturizer is fine for most people during the summer, it is wise to switch to a heavier product in the fall to prevent moisture loss. Try our Moisturizing Repair Cream for Normal skin or for sensitive skin try our refreshing Antioxidant Facial Cream.  Do you struggle with oily skin?  Our Oil Free Moisture Cream is the perfect solution.

TIP #3: Always Use SPF

One of the biggest mistakes everyone makes about their skin care is forgetting to use sunscreen every day! Just because the weather is cooler and the sky may be cloudy does not mean you are safe from the sun’s rays. While it is true that UVB rays are not as strong in the autumn, it is important to know that UVA rays are just as strong.  The UVA rays are the ones responsible for premature wrinkles and skin cancer, so it is vital to keep your skin protected every day. Protect your precious skin with our SkinMedica® line of sunscreens.

TIP #4: Exfoliate

Because the dry fall air increase the layers of dry skin, it is important to exfoliate. Exfoliation is essential when it comes to repairing and brightening the complexion. Regular exfoliation can life skin discoloration and reduce the occurrence of breakouts by removing the dead skin that traps oil within.  Try our AHA Facial Cleanser to rejuvenate your skin today!

TIP #5: Listen To Your Skin

No matter what time of year it is, it is imperative to listen to your skin. Are you experiences excessive dryness? Or redness? Listen to what your body is telling you and take the necessary steps to rectify it.  If you are unsure what is going on with your skin, seek the assistance of a professional dermatologist at The Asarch Center.

You only get one body, take care of the skin you are in with the dedicated specialist at The Asarch Center. Call today to book an appointment.

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