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  • Posted on: Mar 26 2018
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Going on Spring Break? Well, if you’re like our team at Asarch Dermatology & Aesthetics, you’ll probably be out in the sun for the entire duration of your fun-filled holiday. While this is great, it’s important to note that sun damage is real and should be your primary concern.

To help you prevent sun damage, we have listed 5 things that you can do to keep your skin protected, hydrated and healthy this Spring Break.

Drink lots of water

Make water your new best friend this season, always keep a bottle of H2O with you at all times. Dehydration is the number 1 cause of dry and cracked skin in the spring. When you drink less water, the body absorbs the moisture in the skin, resulting in your skin losing its pallor and acquiring a terrible, leathery texture.

Make sure to have at least 8 glasses of water a day and increase that number if you plan on consuming coffee or alcohol.

Never leave home without applying SPF

Planning to go out? If yes, it’s time to take out that bottle of sunscreen.

Sunscreens with SPF 50 and higher are designed to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation, keeping your skin safe and hydrated. The trick to a healthy skin during spring break is to choose sunscreen which is ideal for your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, choose a mineral-based sunscreen. Select a moisturizing lotion if you have very dry skin and oil-free creams for oily skin. You can speak to our cosmetic dermatologists for information regarding sunscreen.

Steer clear of the tanning salon

While the tanning booth seems enticing for anyone on spring break, we recommend that you avoid this completely. Most people have the misconception that a tan at a tanning salon is safer than tanning on the beach.

While the tanning bed doesn’t expose you to the UVA and UVB radiation of the sun, it does emit other types of rays, which are equally harmful to your skin. Additionally, the heat emitted by tanning beds is highly-focused and tends to dry and scorch the skin. They also remove the moisture from your skin, making it exceptionally dry.

Exfoliate with hydrating gels

When the weather is hot, people are more prone to sweat, and as a result, the pores of your skin get clogged.  When your pores are clogged, it makes it difficult to ensure that your sunscreen penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. This is why exfoliation matters.

When exfoliating during spring break, choose gels, toners, and moisturizers that offer high hydration. These products will add moisture to your skin, making it supple and soft.

Start by exfoliating the skin and follow it up by applying a hydrating toner and moisturizer. Finally, apply an SPF50+ sunscreen on your body to seal in the moisture.

Remember to use light fabrics for clothes and millinery

Thick and rough clothing is the worst choice for spring break. So are woolen scarfs and hats. When packing for spring break, choose clothes that complement the weather of the destination; preferably light cotton clothes and hats. You can also include jute hats/caps to stay cool. We recommend that you wear reflective colors like white and pastels, as they help keep your body cool.

Stay tuned to our blog for more helpful insights and skin care tips.

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