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  • Posted on: Jul 12 2017
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Whether you live in a dry desert climate or struggle through humidity, taking a few precautions to care for your skin and hair will keep you looking your best all summer long and throughout the year.

How to Get Beautiful Summer Hair and Skin

Warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors put more strain and stress on your body in the summer. Make self-care a priority to keep your skin and hair looking better than ever.

Start with a Clean Slate — Exfoliate

To get the most from your sunscreen and moisturizing routine, your skin should be dry and clean in order for the product to penetrate properly. Exfoliating also helps prevent clogged pores and acne by gently removing dead skin.

Avoid UV Rays

Dermatologists can’t overstate the importance of protecting your skin (and scalp) from harmful UV rays. Wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your scalp, hair, face, and ears, and invest in a few different types of SPF for different activities to get the most protection.


Moisturizing may seem unnecessary when your skin is sweaty, but hydration is more necessary than ever in summer. Switch to a lighter formula moisturizer for warmer months.

Mind Your Feet

Not only do your heels and ankles need exfoliating and moisturizing in summer, they also need to be protected from sun damage.

Consider Self Tanning

You don’t have to give up a summery glow to prevent skin cancer and premature aging. Self-tanners can make you look great and keep your skin healthy and safe. But remember, this type of tanning does not protect your skin from the sun. Be sure to wear sunscreen every day!

Choose the Right Products

If you’re going to the beach or swimming in a chlorinated pool, choose products that will help to protect your hair and skin and provide a deep clean (without irritation) when you shower.

Be Strategic About Hair Removal

Whether you shave or wax, remember that all skin is not created equal. Give your bikini line a few days to heal, and invest in a good razor and technique if you shave. You may also want to consider more permanent hair removal with Laser Hair Removal.

Adjust Your Makeup Routine

Experiment with products that will give your skin a clean and fresh glow, without clogging your pores.

Give Your Hair Some TLC

It’s easy to wash and go or throw your hair in a ponytail. But your locks are just as susceptible to sun and heat damage to your skin.

Drink Enough Water

Quenching your thirst with sugary drinks and caffeine can be especially tempting in summer. Make sure your skin is getting enough water inside and out.

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