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Though you may think that we can try three new products, get a chemical peel, and sit in a hot steam room for an hour, your skin may not be so happy with that plan. That’s because your skin may not be as resilient as you think it is, and when you pile on the irritation, the skin barrier might become compromised. If you have red, inflamed skin that is suddenly sensitive, you might be dealing with a compromised skin barrier.

What Does Your Skin Barrier Do?

Your skin barrier is the outside portion of your skin, called the stratum corneum, that protects you from pollutants, infection, UV, and more. When your skin barrier functions at its best, it retains water effectively and will be more flexible and resilient to outside attack from pollution and toxic chemicals. Your skin barrier also is the part of your skin that you see, so when it is healthy, you are likely to look more radiant and healthy as a result. Because of this, taking care of your skin barrier now can help your skin become less sensitive, and thus react less swiftly to irritants that may cause an eczema flare up.

How Do I Repair My Skin Barrier?

If you feel like your skin barrier has been compromised, then there are a few steps you can take to treat it. For example, harsh scrubs and washing your face with hot water can strip the skin of protective oils that keep your skin barrier working optimally. Also, consider cutting out chemical exfoliants and peels for a time to let your skin heal. Make sure to use moisturizer every day (even when it’s hot outside), to avoid leaving your skin exposed and dry.

Using the right ingredients can help boost your skin’s natural function and protect it from irritants as it heals. Using products with gentle antioxidants and anti-inflammatories can help. Most of the time, leaving your skin alone and giving it a break with a simple routine will help a great deal.

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