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Inside Out?

You’ve probably heard the old adage that the skin is the body’s largest organ? It’s true, and the average person’s skin could cover up to 21 feet if stretched out!  Your skin health can also be a tell-tale sign of overall wellness.  The winter months in Colorado are especially harsh and drying significantly affecting your skin. But just by watching what you eat can make a difference to how your skin looks and feels.  So, if you have a diet lacking in important vitamins and minerals, it may leave your skin dull, irritated or dry and by simply changing what you put IN your body, you can have a huge impact on how moisture rich your feels.

Adjust your diet to include more healthy oils like olive, fish or avocado.  These oils contain antioxidants which work to reduce inflammation and disarm free radicals.  Consider taking a supplement if you don’t have enough in your everyday diet.

Dr. Asarch recommends Nordic Naturals which are available at the Asarch Center.


Drink more water.

Sounds obvious, but even if you drink water throughout the day, the winter months as well as beverages such as soda or coffee act as diuretics, which contribute to dehydration.  An extra sip or two throughout the day definitely helps! Take a water bottle with you wherever you go this winter!

Take care of it topically!!

Pamper your skin this winter with quality hydrating skin care.  Harsh soaps, loofas and frequent showering contribute to dry skin.  Most commercial soaps have a detergent base which can strip moisture & deplete the natural lipids from our skin, leaving it dry and uncomfortable.  To prevent this, limit showers and reduce the temperature of the water.  Use high quality, medical grade cleansers, and ask your dermatologist which products will be the most beneficial for you specific skin type.

Dr. Asarch recommends: DermaSpa Rx Skin Nutrition

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Use Sunscreen Every Day!

The most important anti-aging prevention!  Colorado’s high altitude increases the sun’s intensity and accelerates the aging process.  Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ for best results.

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