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  • Posted on: Jul 19 2013
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Summer is the perfect time of year to come and see us at DERMAspa for a rejuvenating facial. Summer weather can be hard on your skin, with changing humidities, environmental exposure, sweat and the addition of sun care products. We’ll customize the perfect treatment for you, based on your life-style, skin type and sensitivity. Book your appointment today by calling 303-761-6325 or by clicking HERE. 

Salt Peel – #1 Recommendation by Dr. Asarch

A gentle mechanical peeling of the skin utilizing natural salt provides improvement to aging, sun damaged or unevenly pigmented skin.

Bella Peel

A rejuvenating peel utilizing natural sodium bicarbonate crystals to improve aged and photo damaged skin. Ultrasound is used to enhance the penetration of antioxidants and collagen stimulating agents.


Each Patient utilizes a Vibraderm Treatment Paddle Kit. These paddles are good for approximately a year or 10 treatments per Paddle. The paddles are a patented technology made of a non-imbedded, single layered, abrasive stainless steel material. These patented paddles are abrasive yet the amount of excessive redness or skin irritation is lower than most skin treatments that are available today. The hand piece delivers the Patient Specific paddle to the skin at approximately 88 Hertz. This forward and back movement not only exfoliates the skin but also triggers new collagen in as little as 3 treatments.

DermaSpa Signature Facial

Restore your skin to its youthful, healthy condition with our signature DermaSpa Facial. Specifically catered to your skin type and sensitivity, this medically based facial treatment includes a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and mask with custom blended DermaSpaRx Skin Nutrition Products to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

Teen Facial  

Prevent break-outs and help keep skin healthy and clear with this facial specially designed for acne prone skin. A deep cleanse and extraction help unclog pores, while our expert aesthetician incorporates educational

Power Facial for Men
information on skin maintenance, nutrition and acne prevention.

Revitalize over-worked skin and restore a youthful appearance with this facial designed for the busy man.  A thorough cleanse with our Vibraderm technology powers away old skin cells and debris, encouraging cell turn-over and improving skin texture.  Finished with a nutritive collagen boosting treatment, skin will feel healthy and energized.

True Aroma Transformation Treatment

Experience five luxurious therapies in one with this truly relaxing transformation treatment. Gentle exfoliation and cleansing followed by restorative hydration treatments and a 12 acu point massage will ensure that your skin will feel refreshed and renewed from the delicate eye area and face to the décolleté, arms and hands.

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“A very comfortable and professional atmosphere. I always feel like I am getting the best service at Asarch.”…”I love going to the Derma Spa….and so does my skin!”…”Friendly helpful staff & affordable treatments. Dr. Asarch is wonderful!”

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