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  • Posted on: Sep 8 2014
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Summer Is Fading, But You Can Keep Your Summer Glow. Safe, Sunless Tanning Products are available at the Spa at Asarch Center.

Now that fall is almost here and your summer glow is fading, you can get a sun-kissed glow safely. Protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays by staying indoors and getting the perfect tan with SunFx Sunless Tanner. Made with the purest form of DHA to darken the outer layer of the skin, this all natural solution produces a rich, natural looking tan without chemicals, preservatives, parabens or perfumes. Sunless Tanners do not provide protection from UV damage.  Be sure to use DermaSpaRx Sun Protection System every time you are out in the sun to keep your newly bronzed skin protected from UV damage.

The World’s #1 Sunless Tan is SunFX.

Sunless tans are the healthy way to get that rich bronzed tan that we all desire, and we care about your health. SunFX tanning solutions are 100% all natural – they don’t contain any chemicals.  SunFX is the fastest, healthiest way to get the perfect all over tan.


“In a time where our skin is exposed to an ever increasing number of harmful chemicals and artificial additives, we at SunFX have worked hard to ensure that our products remain the purest in the world.”

SunFX tanning products are 100% all natural ingredients containing:







SunFX formulas are highly advanced and all natural combining purified water and natural bronzers, with the purest dihydroxyacetone available.

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA as it is more commonly known, is a 100% natural tanning agent that reacts with the amino acids in the skin to produce a rich, completely natural looking tan.

At the Spa at Asarch Center, we carry a stunning range of premium quality ‘Do It Yourself’ tanning products. Create the ultimate spray tan in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Learn more.


Do you and your child know about the dangers of tanning beds? Don’t let this conversation opportunity pass. Visit Dr. Asarch’s previous article on tanning bed addiction HERE and learn why states are taking action to restrict tanning for minors by clicking on the image below.

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