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  • Posted on: Sep 23 2013
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BOTOX injections are popular in the 40+ age group as this is the time when we undergo treatments to “fix” wrinkles and the signs of aging. However, a recent article published by JAMA Dermatology confirms that by injecting BOTOX before wrinkles are prominent-generally at an earlier age than 40- we can help prevent wrinkles from happening.


Many wrinkles are actually creases that have been worn into the skin by making the same expression thousands of times. These “expression lines”, often called frown lines or crow’s feet, are due to the contraction of a muscle under the skin in that area. We have known for years that surgically cutting that muscle will improve the wrinkle.


The fore-mentioned study followed identical twin sisters for 13 years. One twin received BOTOX in the forehead, and in the region above the nose and between the eyebrows (approximately 2 to 3 times each year over the past 13 years) and in the crow’s feet (twice in past 2 years). Her twin received BOTOX only twice (in the forehead, and in the region above the nose and between the eyebrows, 3 and 7 years ago).


Imprinted forehead lines and lines between the eyebrows were not evident in the regularly treated twin but were evident in the minimally treated twin. Crow’s feet were less noticeable when the regularly treated twin smiled (even at 7 months after treatment) than when the minimally treated twin smiled. Untreated facial areas (eg, nasolabial folds) showed comparable aging in both twins. Neither twin experienced adverse effects.


“Long-term treatment with BOTOX can prevent the development of imprinted facial lines that are visible at rest. BOTOX treatment can also reduce crow’s feet. Treatment is well tolerated, with no adverse events reported during 13 years of regular treatment in this study.”1

1 Arch Facial Plast Surg.

Long-term effects of botulinum toxin type A (BOTOX) on facial lines: a comparison in identical twins.

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