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A diagnosis of skin cancer to a patient can be a devastating moment. However, skin cancer is one of the easiest to treat, and can be diagnosed in the earliest stages with a proper evaluation. With skin cancer, there are various ways to treat it. One of the most desirable methods is with Mohs micrographic surgery.

What is Mohs micrographic surgery?

The doctors of the Asarch Dermatology, Laser and Mohs Surgery describe Mohs micrographic surgery as a specialized technique to remove cancerous skin cells while leaving as much healthy tissue intact as possible. This method is performed by taking small layers of the skin and evaluating them for cancer cells during surgery. The doctor will remove layer by layer until all cancerous cells have been effectively removed. This is best performed for skin cancers that are deep, recurring or are located on areas of the face where cosmetic damage is a concern. Mohs is extremely conservative, especially when compared to traditional excision of skin cancer from the body, which can remove excess healthy tissue in the surrounding areas.

Why choose Mohs micrographic surgery?

There are several reasons why patients may consider Mohs micrographic surgery. This procedure is:

• Effective at removing cancers that may have reoccurred in the same area

• Conservative, removing only areas of the skin impacted by cancerous cells and leaving healthy skin in place

• Best performed on the facial area, as scarring is minimal in most situations

• Extremely thorough, and ensures no cancer cells are left behind after surgery

• Performed by trained and experienced professionals

• Not available at all dermatology practices, as it is a specialized treatment with certifications required

Most patients find that Mohs micrographic surgery is the best way to treat skin cancer and avoid further treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, or excessive excision that can leave behind severe scarring.

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