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Finding the balance between aging gracefully and still looking young is important for women and men alike.

“With each passing year, our skin thins and becomes less elastic and common signs of aging appear. Achieving younger, healthier skin is possible no matter your age, with a balanced diet, regular exercise, daily sunscreen and routine maintenance with quality skin care regimens.”- Dr. Asarch

Even if you’ve done everything right, some body parts seem destined to betray your age.


Your hands are one of the first places to show the signs of aging due to their constant exposure to the sun and other environmental elements. Applying sunscreen and Dr. Asarch’s  DermaSpa RX Intense Hand Therapy each day to the backs of your hands may slow the signs of aging.  At Asarch Dermatology & Aesthetics we provide specialized treatments and products to combat the signs of aging and reveal younger looking hands:

Intense Pulsed Light

DermaSpa RX Products
Lighten UP
Extreme Lightening Mask
Intense Hand Therapy
Sunscreen:  Elta MD


Dark Spots and increased pigmentation can show up as we age and make us look older. New treatment options can lighten and brighten your skin and skin tone.

According to Dr. Asarch, the easiest treatment for all types of hyperpigmentation is to add a brightening serum to your daily skin care regimen.

Try Lighten Up to target specific dark spots on your face, and use Extreme Lightening Mask or DermaLuma each night.  IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) also works well to treat various spots on your face, or any of the Asarch Center’s more advanced chemical peels are more effective for treating melasma or larger areas of pigmentation.

It is extremely important to schedule your yearly skin exam to ensure that moles, brown spots or other pigmented areas be watched.  Skin cancer is very prevalent in sunny Colorado, and is treatable if caught early.


Sun damage speeds up the aging process in our skin, so the first thing to do is to apply sunscreen daily. To address wrinkles and fine lines, begin using a hyrdrating moisturizer which penetrates the surface of your skin, such as DermaSpa RX Moisture Repair Cream and eat foods listed in The Beautiful Skin Diet cookbook.  To reverse the visible signs of aging- Asarch Dermatology and Aesthetics provides state of the art options for all skin types.

Salt Peel
Chemical Peel
Hydration Facials
DermaSpa Rx Regimens


“The truly astonishing thing is how a body part can age 10 years almost overnight! My hands did. My neck seems to have collapsed in the space of a single year!” said one 50+ patient.

Neck skin is thinner than facial skin. The skin care products you use on your face, including sunscreen, should also be used on your neck.

DermaSpaRX Sun Protection System

To further prevent and address wrinkling and sagging on your neck, Asarch Dermatology & Aesthetics  offers two powerhouse treatments, Ultherapy, to tighten and lift lax skin, and Kybella, a series of safe injections to restore your jaw and neckline to defy your age.

Schedule your consultation now to see which option is best for you!


Not only does your hair gray with age, it can become thinner, drier and more brittle.

Asarch Dermatology & Aesthetics was proudly chosen as one of the first in Colorado to have the FDA Cleared NeoGraft System, offering both men and women the most effective and natural results with minimal down time, little to no discomfort and no scalpel incision or scarring.

We also offer NeoLTS -a healing light therapy to increase hair growth and improve hair health.  Viviscal Pro, a daily supplement, has also shown visible improvement in hair growth within 12 weeks.


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