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  • Posted on: Oct 25 2017
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October has commenced and spooky festivities are looming around the corner. Halloween is not only a horror enthusiast’s paradise but also a much-awaited celebration for makeup artists. If you are struggling to get your creative juices flowing, check out these Halloween makeup ideas to try this season.

The Creepy Clown

Stephen King has ruled the cinematic universe in 2017, with a number of his books being released on the big screen. Pennywise from It tops this year’s “characters you never want to run into” list, making the disturbing clown makeup extremely popular. It is quite easy to master, and you can add your own personal twist to the look. Go for the classic red-and-white look or choose your own color scheme, like this gothic purple one.

The Bloodthirsty Vampire

An eternal go-to Halloween look, the vampire makeup is both alluring and scary at the same time. A great trend this year is to focus on and around the eyes, creating a veiny, scratchy look, perfectly capturing the eternal “thirst” of this species. You can either go with a messy style, like this bloody, black-lipped vampire, or a neat, elegant, and sexy get-up.

Wonder Woman

DC’s Wonder Woman is another popular theme of 2017. Thanks to Gal Gadot’s exceptional on-screen performance, the Wonder Woman look is set to be a big hit this Halloween. If you are truly dedicated to the art of Halloween get-ups, here’s a list of all the makeup products that went into making Gal Gadot’s kickass on-screen persona. If you want to do something off-beat, you can also recreate Wonder Woman’s warrior look from her days as Diana.

The Minimalist Spider

If you like the idea of getting decked up for Halloween but are short on time or patience or both, the minimal spider look is for you. The makeup is easy to do and needs very little time to implement. While most variations focus around the eyes, you can choose which element you want to use as the central motif. Check out this cool spider-web makeup tutorial.

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