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  • Posted on: Nov 24 2015
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Last week we shared A Patient Perspective on the Illuminize Peel…

All of my friends who have amazing skin attribute it to chemical peels followed by a smart regimen of skin and sun care. I’ve admired their skin and pain threshold for years, but visions of Samantha in Sex And The City kept me away. Fast forward to last weekend: I was talking with Deborah, the practice administrator, about her amazing skin (peels followed by smart regimen of skin and sun care…); she suggested I start with a newer, less invasive kind of peel like the Illuminize Peel at The Asarch Center. We booked an appointment and I popped in this morning for 45 minutes with Whitney. The peel was expertly administered and just barely uncomfortable (I have a very low threshold for pain). Three hours later, I’m a bit pink and have a baseball cap on. I’m neither uncomfortable nor am I scaring small children; instead, I’m excited to see how this turns out and to learn more about how the newer generation of treatments can help me have pretty, glowing, healthy skin for years and years and years.
I’ll follow with pictures this weekend and a breakdown of recovery. In the meantime, here’s a succinct intro to the range of peels available at the Asarch Center:

Extreme Lightening Masque

This week, she followed up with us…

“Last week I had my first Illuminze Peel and I wanted to take a minute to follow up: this is different than a really aggressive chemical peel and I’m a fan. I peeled intermittently for about 3-4 days (akin to a sunburn) and the texture of my skin is really nice and fresh. The discoloration is a bit broken up (though still visible) and I am due for my next round in about three weeks. Meantime, I’m using the Extreme Lightening Masque. Whitney has followed this regimen for about a year  and her skin is TDF. Overall, I think this is a great procedure as part of a regimen that can provide benefits and prevent the need for stronger treatments in the future.”


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