With time, the supporting connective tissue in our skin becomes fragmented and our skin-tone becomes lax and saggy.   Non-invasive treatments have the ability to tighten these strands of collagen and stimulate the production of new and stronger collagen fibers.  At the Asarch Center, we use Ultherapy ultrasound as it is extremely effective to lift and tone the face and neck area.  Also, the Exilis procedure has the ability to tighten and shape skin and subcutaneous tissue.  Topical agents are an important part of any regimen. These products are easy to use and as they nourish and supply our skin with the necessary ingredients to promote collagen development. A consultation with one of our skin care professionals can help you determine the best course of treatment.

The Asarch Center values each and every patient. Our team of medical experts receive specialized training in their respective fields to provide our patients with the most up to date treatments, procedures and the highest standard of care.

Recommended Procedures