Body Contouring by Asarch Center.  Our multi-disciplinary team of medical experts customizes each treatment session to melt inches, tighten and tone by using a combination of painless and non-invasive state of the art technologies.  Our patients have lost 1/2’ – 3” in one treatment session.  The Asarch Center also offers additional support options including nutritional counseling and personalized lifestyle assessments to ensure your best results.

Offered in both locations-  Englewood and Castle Rock!

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Vanquish™ is the first non-surgical device to melt away unwanted fat deposits around the mid-section and thighs that approaches Liposuction results with no discomfort, incisions or down time.

The Asarch Center was the first medical office in Colorado to provide Vanquish for the mid-section and is the first to offer a fat reduction device designed specifically to target the thighs.

Consider Vanquish to:

  • Minimize love handles
  • Reduce waist circumference
  • Minimize saddlebags
  • Reduce thigh circumference

The Asarch Center’s team of medical professionals are all specially trained, licensed and certified in their respective areas of expertise. We love our patients and offer state of the art technique and technology ensuring the best care. .