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LAAP Sweat Gland Treatment

The LAAP procedure is a minimally invasive laser ablation of the sweat glands in the axillary (armpit) area. Performed under local anesthesia, the LAAP procedure requires minimal downtime and eliminates the need for bi-yearly Botox injections. Best yet, a single LAAP treatment typically results in a 75 percent or greater reduction in sweating. A second treatment can be performed, if necessary.

Early studies utilizing Microfocused Ultrasound for the treatment of Axillary Hyperhydrosis have demonstrated a very effective non-invasive treatment. One or two treatments have resulted in a 70–80 percent reduction in sweat production. Although this is a non-invasive procedure, it does involve the use of a local anesthetic.

Historically, potent topical antiperspirants or oral medications were recommended as the best treatment available. In the last decade, injections of 50–100 units of Botox effectively controlled sweating. The problem becomes that 50–100 units at a time is costly to keep up on a regular basis.

Now there’s a new treatment for excessive sweating in Denver. Dr. Richard Asarch is pleased to offer Laser Ablation of Axillary Perspiration (LAAP) to treat hyperhidrosis utilizing the Slim Lipo system.


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