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Melt It or Freeze It? Dr. Asarch Compares Fat Removal Techniques.

Millions of Americans who eat properly and get regular physical activity, still have stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and exercise, which can lead to a very frustrating situation. There have been some exciting advances recently in the technologies offered for fat removal. No longer do you have to go under the knife or through liposuction surgery.  There are safe and effective alternatives to help you lose stubborn fat deposits and inches.

In the last three decades, manufacturers have introduced a seemingly endless procession of procedures to reduce fat, each with its own drawbacks. First and still popular is traditional liposuction which requires anesthesia and invasive surgery, sometimes leaving patients with uneven results and weeks of recovery and bruising.

A minimally invasive procedure was introduced next via laser treatments, which are still popular. SLIMLipo™ laser lipolysis system is FDA cleared and delivers a unique fat “melting” laser wavelength that gently liquefies fat for easier removal from the body through a medical suction device. This procedure is minimally invasive and has a bit of recovery time, but overall patients have reported that they received the desired results.

Non-invasive procedures are the latest advances in fat removal. Gaining popularity is Cool Sculpting®, also known as cryotherapy, a technique which kills fat cells by freezing them. With Cool Sculpting® only one body section can be treated at a time, so you will need multiple treatments. For example, to reduce the waistline, each love handle needs to be treated, then the upper abdomen, and possibly the lower abdomen. A cool idea, again with varied results. Many patients describe the procedure as “unexpectedly painful”, but are pleased with the results.

Vanquish™, which was first introduced to Colorado by the Asarch Center for Dermatology, Laser and Mohs Surgery, is the newest innovation for body contouring and sculpting. This non-invasive treatment utilizes heat through “focused-field radio frequency” to target and destroy fat cells without ever touching the patient’s body. While a lot of energy-based systems make the “non-invasive” claim, Vanquish™ has succeeded in creating a truly painless, effective fat reduction device.

So, Melt It or Freeze It? Dr. Asarch’s Opinion:

“During the procedure, cryotherapy (Cool Sculpting) is uncomfortable to painful, and it can be uncomfortable afterwards. The treated areas can get hard and sore for a couple of weeks. To me, SLIM lipo is more effective and actually less painful than Cool Sculpting, though it is a minimally invasive procedure.  Most people think of the old liposuction techniques and are unfamiliar with laser liposuction. The comparison is like night and day to the old way and worth a consultation. Vanquish is the newest non-invasive fat removal technique, which heats up the fat cells destroying them. There can be a few days of mild redness and swelling and it is important to drink plenty of water before and after, which helps the body eliminate the dead fat cells. Vanquish can treat the abdomen and “love handles” during one 30 minute session. In my opinion, this also makes it a superior option to Cool Sculpting.” –Dr. Richard Asarch.


A Quick Breakdown:

SLIMLipo offers

  • Quick recovery
  • Comfortable treatment, though minimally invasive
  • Dramatically slimmer results
  • No damage to the overlying skin on the affected area
  • Lasting results

VANQUISH offersvanquish

  • First non-surgical device to approach results like traditional liposuction
  • Multiple areas treated at the same time
  • Non-invasive with no incision, cutting or discomfort of the patient
  • Painless with no damage to the top and middle layers of skin and no recovery time
  • Lasting results after as little as 4 weeks

Cool Sculpting® offers

  • Non-invasive with no needles or surgery
  • Minimal recovery
  • Results in 3 to 6 months

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