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SLIM Lipo is a safe and easy way to melt away stubborn fat from the usual trouble areas such as the waist, stomach, legs, or even under the chin using laser-assisted therapy. Selected Laser Induced Melting, or SLIM, is a recent upgrade that we have made at the Asarch Center in Englewood, featuring the use of two precise wavelengths of lasers that are specifically set to melt fat and to heat dermal tissue at the same time. This combination procedure is unique to the SLIM Lipo System and has been found to be very efficient in melting away unwanted fat while at the same time retracting the overlying skin on the affected area.

The benefits of using SLIM Lipo include:

  • Faster recovery
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Dramatically slimmer results

Our use of SLIM Lipo is a testament to our unending effort to offer you the latest and most effective procedures available from the technologically advanced field of cosmetic medicine today. So call us now 720-330-3933 for a personal consultation and find out how SLIM Lipo can change your life today.


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