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Get Back in Your Skinny Jeans for the Holiday Season! Body Contouring by Asarch Center

The Holiday Season can be a challenging time to keep extra pounds off, let alone lose inches. With the long stretch of tempting foods, drinks and festivities ahead, losing inches may seem impossible, but we are here to help with our Body Contouring Treatments at Asarch Center!

Our multi-disciplinary team of medical experts will customize your treatment plan based on a personalized health and lifestyle assessment. With this customized plan our team will help you choose the best combination of minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment options to melt inches, tighten and tone, and decrease the appearance of cellulite.


Our patients have lost ½”-3” in just one treatment session!
(Individual results will vary)

Try Futura! The newest addition to our Body Contouring Treatment Options, The Futura Pro, uses non-invasive, pain-free technology to re-educate muscles in those tricky areas that define the body, providing immediate results, without swelling, redness, or tenderness!

“Immediately after one treatment, I was able to pull up and button a pair of jeans that were sitting in my closet for over 6 years. I was so happy my eyes literally filled up with tears!” Cathy S. – Futura Pro Patient

Our Body Contouring treatments options are:ASARCH_CE_FUTUREPRO_SKINNYJ_2

  • Non-invasive and Painless
  •  Melt Inches
  • Tighten and Tone
  • Offer Immediate Results

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The Asarch Center also offers additional support options including nutritional counseling to ensure your best results!

Nutritional Counseling is Available at DermaSpa- We understand that the health of your skin is affected by many factors such as lifestyle, environment and diet in addition to your skin care regimen, so we are offering nutritional counseling at Asarch Center. This counseling will be based on the expert knowledge of our staff and the guidance of Dr. Asarch along with recipes from his book, The Beautiful Skin Diet.

5 Additional Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Lose Inches:

  • Get your excercise in the morning. Exercising in the morning can help ensure better behavior all day long, according to a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.
  • Don’t go to a party hungry. Eat before you go, so you are not as tempted to over-indulge once you get there.
  • Avoid the bloat. Carbonated drinks, such as diet sodas, can trap gas and lead to belly bloating. Try peppermint tea for a festive alternative. Research shows peppermint can help calm stomach muscles and reduce gas.
  • Boost your potassium intake. Potassium counterbalances sodium, so you retain less water.
  • Take deep breaths and reduce stress.  Research suggests that women who practice stress reduction techniques are better able to prevent weight gain.

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